What is 5G Tech and How Will It Impact Your Business?

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Though 5G tech is still a work in progress, it’s set to enhance enterprise connections dramatically, power emerging AI technology, and transform IoT sensors in the years to come. Learn how investing in and anticipating 5G tech will change the way your business communicates with consumers, integrates new technologies, and analyzes big data.

So What Exactly is 5G Tech?

By now you’ve probably heard 5G in passing, in a commercial or mentioned in an article, but much of the news has focused on its features, so it’s not a surprise if you’re unsure of what 5G actually encompasses. Well, 5G is the fifth generation of cellular networking, surpassing our current 4G — better known as LTE — network connection.

This new wireless network technology will change various business operations from communicating with consumers to storing and analyzing data by adding new antennas onto established cell towers, utility poles, and smart buildings. These physical changes will build faster connections allowing businesses to deliver their solutions and services at a competitive rate and enable more efficient big data analysis, among other business benefits.

Many leaders in wireless communications are estimating by 2023 there will be 3.5 billion cellular IoT connections. This is amazing news for IoT device-reliant businesses, like AT&T and IBM, IoT device service or product providers, or those looking to integrate IoT into their current configurations. With 5G connections, these devices will receive massive amounts of new data. This new data can help your business better understand infrastructure needs, consumer patterns and provide improved and secure connections between a company’s network, infrastructure, and stored data.

Business Adoption of 5G Tech

50 percent of US consumers will have access to 5G in as little as five years, according to a recent report by Ericsson, a leading telecommunications company. A recent ABI Research study showed that 5G tech would likely decrease production times of emerging technologies 10 times more than 4G connections. Many experts in the industry see 5G connectivity as a critical component in the mass adoption of AR and VR technology.

Qualcomm, another major telecommunications company, reports that 5G tech will improve connection speed, website traffic, and reliability, all of which will help with the widespread integration of new technologies to come. This means that the enterprise adoption of 5G tech is crucial for your Tech business if you plan on implementing or incorporating consumer services and solutions that involve emerging technologies like AR and VR tech.

Business Benefits of 5G Tech

Faster internet speeds, increased traffic, and seamless tech integration are just a few business benefits, here are a few more benefits that may make your company consider investing in and prioritizing 5G tech:

  • Intelligent IoT devices: With the number of IoT devices expected to increase with the release of 5G speeds, IoT-focused businesses can expect this highly-anticipated network to impact IoT devices significantly by enhancing infrastructure diagnoses systems and providing better data insights; both will strengthen a company’s infrastructure, lowering the vulnerability of these devices, which are known to be more susceptible to cyber threats like cryptojacking.
  • Network Slicing: The multitude of uses and new services of emerging technology by businesses and consumers will require a flexible network that can provide a better user experience. With 5G tech businesses will be able to create multiple virtual networks with just one physical system. This network slicing can help companies provide an end-to-end virtual system encompassing not only networking but computing and storage functions as well. With 5G connections your business can offer consumers a more seamless experience.
  • Multi-Access Edge Computing: Through 5G tech, multi-access edge computing will assist in decongesting your company’s crowded network, even when supporting hundreds of devices at once. This cloud-based network architecture can not only decrease site congestion, but also will increase overall site performance. Besides handling large data loads and delivering results in real time, multi-access edge computing will also protect user data, through local computing versus a centralized network used currently.

Though not available yet, there are multiple reasons why your Tech business should start investing in 5G connectivity. Contact Mondo today, and we can match you with highly skilled specialists in our exclusive network to help you make the most of 5G.

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