The 7 Highest Paying Tech Jobs of 2017

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Considering our industry (*cough cough* high-end Tech staffing), it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about the highest paying Tech jobs available. Instead of keeping these exclusive insights to ourselves, we made them readily available for companies like yours in our 2017 Salary Outlook.

But, we get it. Not everyone has time for that. (But if you do, we highly recommend a download.) For those short on time, we pulled the data you really want on which titles are landing the most money.

Where The Cash (is) At: The 7 Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Tech experts are made of money. Well, not actually, but they are landing the highest salaries out of any other profession thanks to the rise of critical business technologies like the cloud, big data, enterprise apps, cybersecurity, and more.

To make sure you have the budget you need for the roles you want to hire for in 2017, here’s a look at the current titles and salaries of the highest paying Tech jobs.

    • Avg. Salary Range: $170-285,000
    • While it’s no surprise to find a C-level role on this list, it’s interesting to note that both of these titles continue to be in-demand and are found highly useful, thus valuable, for a company’s Tech needs. Whether you hire a Chief Information Officer or a Chief Technology Officer, expect to pay a premium for a professional with 7+ years of direct experience managing, developing, and overseeing a business’ IT/Tech needs.
  • Chief Data Officer
    • Avg. Salary Range: $165-230,000
    • Another C-level here, but this time with the primary responsibility of managing your company’s most valuable resource: data. Much like a CIO or CTO, Chief Data Officers command premium salaries thanks to their niche, large-scale data analytics, integration, and management skills. After all, if you’re going to pay a premium for a Tech role, it better be on the person in charge of your most valuable asset.
  • Solutions Architect 
    • Avg. Salary Range: $140-200,000
    • Maintaining its spot on the highest paying Tech jobs list is the Solutions Architect title. This continues to be a top need for companies like yours that look for ways to improve their IT solutions and develop new, innovative software-based solutions.
  • Data Architect
    • Avg. Salary Range: $130-210,000
    • All about that data. As we always say, your company’s data is your most valuable resource. But, without the proper design and structure of that data, the insights you’ll be able to identify won’t provide much ROI. That’s why Data Architects continue to land the highest Tech salaries since they are skilled in the latest trends, solutions, and best practices of designing, maintaining, and organizing your data in order to pull hidden, valuable insights.
  • VP of Engineering
    • Avg. Salary Range: $125-185,000
    • Again, it’s rarely surprising to see a C-level or upper management role make high paying lists, but the continued reliance on engineering departments to create innovative software and enterprise apps has made the VP of Engineering role invaluable. This is especially the case for large businesses specializing in the research and development of new products or solutions.
  • DevOps Lead/Engineer  
    • Avg. Salary Range: $115-250,000 
    • While the VP of Engineering role is critical to a fluid and successful Engineering team or department, we’ve also seen a rise in salaries for Engineer-specific roles. Rounding out this list of the highest paying Tech jobs is the DevOps Lead/Engineer role. These pros act as both a Business Analyst and comprehensive Tech expert skilled in everything from coding to testing, and various other IT operations. Since professionals in this role provide limitless business opportunities, it makes sense they’re raking in the money.

While you might be regretting not pursuing one of these Tech career paths at the moment (Tbh, same), it’s likely your business will need to hire for one or more of these roles if you haven’t done so already. If you’re looking to hire for one of these roles or other high-end Tech talent roles, contact Mondo today. We’ve got the highest quality Tech experts you’re looking for and the salary information you’ll need upfront.

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