Local Presence,
National Reach

While anchored with a local presence in every major tech city, we are paving the way on how we live, work, and find talent solutions¬†in today’s remote landscape.

Kaylyn Gerwig Michelle Sedita Chelsea Volz
Acza Alvarado Charlie Busch Joey Visconti
Danielle Kayne Lana Buchbinder Stephanie Frederick
Mondo President Mark Kindy Mondo Recruiting VP
Scott Waugh Matthew Gardner Candice Marshall
Jessica Mirsky Savannah Rush
Megan Killea Hannah Rosenzweig Alexander Rawa
Arthur Taylor Cassandra Callahan Mondo VP of National Sales Strategy
Jessica Solomon Jasmine Yom
Mondo Human Resource Manager Nicole Janka Ashley Barnett
Leah Tabas Mondo VP Mondo Controller
Gabrielle Cappelli Kaylyn Gerwig Michelle Sedita
Allison Heine Acza Alvarado Charlie Busch
Chelsea Volz Danielle Kayne Lana Buchbinder
Joey Visconti Mondo President Mark Kindy
Stephanie Frederick Scott Waugh Matthew Gardner
Mondo Recruiting VP Jessica Mirsky
Candice Marshall Megan Killea Hannah Rosenzweig
Savannah Rush Arthur Taylor Cassandra Callahan
Alexander Rawa Jessica Solomon
Mondo VP of National Sales Strategy Mondo Human Resource Manager Nicole Janka
Jasmine Yom Leah Tabas Mondo VP
Ashley Barnett Gabrielle Cappelli Kaylyn Gerwig
Mondo Controller Allison Heine Acza Alvarado
Michelle Sedita Chelsea Volz Danielle Kayne
Charlie Busch Joey Visconti Mondo President
Lana Buchbinder Stephanie Frederick Scott Waugh
Mark Kindy Mondo Recruiting VP

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A Unique Approach to
Staffing that Works

Redefining the way clients find talent and candidates find work. 

We are technologists with the nuanced expertise to do tech, digital marketing, & creative staffing differently. We ignite our passion through our focus on our people and process. Which is the foundation of our collaborative approach that drives meaningful impact in the shortest amount of time.

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