How To Recruit Content Writers Successfully

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By now it’s clear that a successful content marketing strategy can lead to increased brand awareness, and enhanced traffic drive, along with helping establish a business as a thought leader of their particular industry. Many companies understand that content marketing is more than just a buzzword. So to remain competitive your business needs to learn how to recruit content writers successfully. Here are a few proven strategies to help you find the content creators your company needs.

The Importance of Content Marketing 

Any CMO will tell you content marketing is crucial for any business looking to remain successful in 2018 and beyond. Through content marketing, your company can boost your credibility, increase your online presence through SEO, as well as drive revenue.

In fact, companies like Rip Curl have been able to increase their audience base to 2 million Facebook followers and 100,000 YouTube subscribers through compelling content marketing. Rip Curl discovered success by providing consumers with content that matched their wants and needs.

What Makes A Good Content Writer  

One crucial step in learning how to recruit content writers is understanding what makes someone a good content writer. You’ll want to find a content creator who excels at more than just grammar, spelling, and writing structures.

A good content writer should be an expert on best SEO practices, and should know that clogging content with keywords will only negatively impact their writing and your search engine rankings. These writers will know how to create the business appropriate content your audience needs; In a way that’s quick, conversational, yet informative.

According to our exclusive 2018 Salary Guide, a successful content writer’s salary will cost your business anywhere from $45,000 to $65,000. However, DemandMetric reports that on average a businesses content writing and marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing efforts; while content writing generates three times as many revenue-driven leads.

 How To Recruit Content Writers

It’s clear these professionals can help drive ROI, enhanced SEO rankings, and an increase in your consumer base. When looking to expand your content marketing team, here are a few strategies that may assist your CMO and hiring teams:

Offer Soft Benefits

When looking to learn how to recruit content writers, it’s important to consider what you’re offering, beyond just the salary. Speaking with Computer World, Mondo’s Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Monika Dowal, stated: “Soft benefits and benefits in general trump salaries when [candidates are] considering positions.” Dowal went on to state that professionals in the industry value benefits like growth-development, flexible schedules, and unlimited PTO policies. Ultimately candidates want benefits to help optimize their work-life balance.

Consider Freelancers

Marketing experts will tell you, content marketing works best when there’s a content team. However, if your budget doesn’t allow for an entire team, consider hiring freelancers. Hiring freelancers or consultants is not only a cost-effective option but an option that will assist your marketing team in collecting a variety of writing styles and diverse content. With freelance content writers, you can work with multiple writers, offering you a range of content that can be scaled as long or as short as you need it to be.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

Just because your business may know how to recruit content writers, doesn’t mean you have the time or the resources needed. This is why many competitive companies partner with a staffing agency. Staffing agencies, like Mondo, can help you find the creative talent needed to succeed. Our average time-to-fill rates of 3 to 5 days for contract-based positions and 5 to 10 days for full-time roles can provide you with the content writers you need as soon as you need them.

Now that you have a more enhanced understanding of how to recruit content writers,  take advantage of this knowledge and enhance your content marketing by onboarding these professionals today. If your company is lacking the time or resources needed, contact Mondo. Our experienced recruiters can help you secure the creative talent your business needs to create compelling content.

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