5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Your company knows that marketing is an essential part of your business. However, with 2018 wrapping up, now is the perfect time for your CMO and marketing department to review your current strategies. Making a costly marketing mistake can hurt your bottom line and negatively impact your consumers’ experience. To help ensure your business knows how to create impactful campaigns for 2019 we’ve uncovered 5 marketing mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Common Enterprise-Level Marketing Mistakes

Businesses like yours are no stranger to common marketing mistakes that many smaller companies tend to overlook, like not targeting various customer personas or ignoring your competition. Now is the time to elevate your marketing efforts by ensuring you avoid these high-level mistakes:

  • Automation > Interaction. Social media tools like Hubspot, Hootsuite, and Pardot are fantastic tools to help your business schedule various posts and compelling content. Though, social automation helps your business post content on a consistent basis, over automation can create a barrier between your business and your audience. The challenge is to utilize these tools while also ensuring you have meaningful interactions, which will authenticate your online presence. If you’ve scheduled four posts for the day, make sure someone is following up with them, and responding to any comments, retweets, or shares from your consumers.
  • Missing Out on Retargeting. On average, a buyer makes nine visits to a retailer’s site before deciding to make a purchase. It’s crucial to spend time driving traffic to your site, but if you haven’t implemented a retargeting campaign it’ll be hard to get visitors to make that ninth visit to your site. Retargeting ads will assist in attracting customers to return to your website by showing them highly-specific ads on both Facebook and Google. Not retargeting is a marketing mistake that can make you miss out on repeat visitors, which will then decrease your conversions, and hurt your bottom line.
  • Tone-Deaf Social Posts. In today’s world, controversial news can become global trending topics in a matter of minutes. A huge marketing mistake is to try to make a contentious situation humorous or profitable. Despite your good intentions, you’re likely to come across as tone-deaf and insensitive. Your company has to realize that diversity initiatives and hiring practices that are sensitive to race, gender, and class can help your marketing initiatives. Having a diverse team can help ensure that you’re generating inclusive ideas, which can then assist with covering sensitive topics, and expanding your commercial reach to new audiences who will now better connect with your services and products.
  • Ignoring Content You Already Have. Your marketing team may have the instinct to continuously churn out new content for your target audience. However, a common marketing mistake is just that, forgetting about the content you already have once it’s published. Evergreen content can enhance your company’s credibility, allowing your audience to see you as a thought leader of your industry. Though one of the most important benefits of evergreen content is the SEO a boost it brings. The higher your SEO ranking is the more likely your content will appear at the top of searches. Re-sharing and utilizing this content can help expand audience reach and drive conversions.
  • Lead Discrepancy. Forbes reports that 65 percent of businesses say lead generation is a problem for them yet most don’t realize they’re experiencing lead discrepancy. When looking to uncover the root of their problem, most question the quality of the lead versus discovering if they are nurturing their leads. You must ensure that your team is properly trained and have a thorough process for the various types of leads your teams are driving. Essentially your team needs to know how to connect and track with every lead they may encounter, which will allow your company to successfully transform your leads into consumers, and revenue.

How To Avoid These Marketing Mistakes

Making sure you’re aware of marketing mistakes that can have a damaging impact on your company’s reputation, target audience, and bottom line is an excellent step towards a perfect marketing strategy. Learn how hiring for the following roles can strengthen your marketing team. Hiring for the following roles is another defense your company can use against these common mistakes.

Content Strategist

Besides helping your marketing team develop and deploy audience attracting content, these professionals will likely help identify successful evergreen content that can boost site visits and establish your business as a serious source for industry news, updates, and how-tos. A good Content Strategist will help your marketing team enhance your organic search results by combing their skills as a writer and their in-demand technical SEO knowledge.

SEO Specialist

The role of the SEO Specialist is crucial to any team looking to avoid major marketing mistakes that deal with search result rankings because search engines and their ranking systems are constantly changing. Meaning these professionals will be tasked with staying up-to-date on the latest changes and monitoring industry trends. Ultimately your SEO Specialist will help consumers find your content and products, increasing revenue, and generating more leads.

Chief Diversity Officer

Many companies who have realized that diversity yields benefits more significant than those that come from soft skills have also recognized the importance of the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Role. Your company’s CDO will ensure your work culture is one where all employees can be productive, respected, and feel safe in their work environments. A CDO can help ensure you avoid damaging marketing mistakes like tone-deaf social posts. This role is crucial to not only create a safe space for your employees but to showcase your companies respect for consumers of various backgrounds.

Making sure your marketing department is aware of these common marketing mistakes can help you avoid damaging your company’s reputation, missing out on revenue-generating opportunities, and misunderstanding the leads you need to connect with for success. If your company is looking to elevate your marketing campaigns for 2019, contact Mondo today. Our dedicated recruiters can help connect you with experienced Content Strategists, SEO Specialists, and CDOs who can help enhance your marketing initiatives.

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