An Effective Guide to Snapchat Marketing

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Snapchat boasts over 150 million daily users and a shifting demographic of users aged 25 and older growing twice as fast as those under the age of 25. Despite these numbers, developing an effective Snapchat marketing strategy is proving to be difficult for many businesses.

This is because many marketers are at a loss on how to implement an effective strategy on a platform that has millions of daily users with an attractive demographic, yet an inability to track conversions; a problem rarely encountered in today’s environment of limitless conversion tracking data and tools. The answer lies in developing a Snapchat marketing strategy utilizing the app’s various features to increase brand association and boost brand awareness, which then leads to conversions outside the app.

But exactly how can marketers utilize Snapchat to increase brand association and boost brand awareness? Let’s take a look at a few methods sourced from our latest Digital Marketing Salary Guide:

How to Use Snapchat Marketing Effectively:

– Through “Stories:”

Marketers can engage with the millions of users on the platform by sharing images, videos, and other content through the “Story” component of the app to boost brand awareness. Snapchat’s “Stories” feature allows marketers to build a video series organically in real-time that can be viewed for 24 hours from the date published.

Posting your brand story or corporate culture frequently and regularly through this method helps your brand connect with a larger audience that is otherwise unreachable to your business.

– Through “Memories:”

The latest update to Snapchat introduced a brand new feature called “Memories” that improves upon the app’s ability to be used as a marketing tool for brand awareness. Through the “Memories” section, marketers can now upload branded photos and images from their camera roll for the first time and post these to their “Story.”

It also allows marketers to save any Snapchat content in the “Memories” section, which can only be viewed by the account holder, where it lives permanently and can be repurposed for marketing uses as needed. This allows for more strategic planning regarding Snapchat content distribution since marketers can snap now and share later.

– Through Filters:

The advent and surge in popularity of filters for snaps sent between users or posted to “Stories” is also an element businesses can use to further their Snapchat marketing strategy. Companies can design their own business or product-themed filters, pay Snapchat a fee, and have those filters live in a geolocation or become visible for specific business-related events or promotional opportunities.

These filters are visible to users at the location or event and allow them to immerse themselves in the brand culture. It also turns users into marketers when they share or post the content to their “Story” and thus advertises your business, product, or event to their audience.

In Conclusion:

Initially, Snapchat marketing seems difficult to validate in terms of ROI. However, there are various marketing initiatives businesses can implement now to see an increase in brand awareness and brand association, which then leads to higher conversion rates and website traffic. Innovative companies developing their Snapchat marketing strategy today will be the first to reap the rewards from the untapped marketing potential of this popular image and video-sharing app.

If you’ve noticed a social media talent gap on your digital marketing team or are lacking the talent you need to begin executing a successful Snapchat marketing strategy, contact Mondo today. We can connect you with the social media and content marketing talent your business needs now.

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