The 3 Fastest Growing Technologies in the Media Industry

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Media businesses rely heavily on cutting-edge technologies across all platforms, from publishing to digital, to offer their consumers the best experience, deliver engaging, interactive media content, and remain competitive. Media companies that lack the latest technologies or talent to implement those technologies risk being outperformed by competitors. To help your media business stay at the forefront of innovation, here’s a look at the three fastest growing technologies in the media industry and the talent you’ll need to utilize them:

– HTML5:

HTML5 is the most widely used coding language technology in the media industry. It’s an open-source language used for the development, creation, and design of websites and apps and is often the code behind the most well-designed media websites. This version of HTML is the most recent update to the coding language and fixed a number of problems with HTML4, while also offering a variety of new, enhanced features.

This technology is growing in popularity within the media sector for several reasons. For starters, it results in less dependence on plugins for website functionality, meaning easier coding for Developers and fewer updates required by consumers to view certain types of media resulting in lowered bounce rates. This technology is compatible with all devices and operating systems and provides the same user experience (UX) for all users. This means HTML5 provides media businesses with the ability to create enhanced and optimized mobile offerings, allowing them to connect and retain the ever-growing audience of mobile content consumers.

Lastly, this coding language improves a Developer’s ability to enhance the appearance and performance of various components of a website’s design and UX. This is crucial for media companies providing extensive interactive content and streaming functionality that users expect to function properly 24/7.

Media companies that haven’t yet implemented this technology are already behind competitors. To get your business up to speed and enhance your media offerings, consider hiring HTML5 Developers and Front-End Developers. Both of these roles work to implement HTML5, develop new user features through the code, and perform website coding maintenance and enhancements.

– Ruby on Rails:

Ruby on Rails is one of the fastest growing technologies in the media sector. Ruby is a programming language, and the Rails component is the software library that extends and adds to the Ruby programming language. Rails is a framework for building websites that combines the Ruby language with HTML, CSS, and Java to create web applications and websites. Many popular media web applications were created using Ruby on Rails (RoR), like Hulu and SoundCloud for example.

Since media companies must provide high-quality, interactive content to their consumers, technologies like RoR that focus on the development of content platforms are surging in popularity. RoR provides a simple, easy-to-use framework for developers to quickly and efficiently develop complex web applications that can handle vast amounts of code and traffic, like Hulu’s streaming platform functionality. RoR is a free, open-source software, which appeals to all business’ bottom line, and is continuously updated by users making the code as effective and problem-free as possible.

Due to the way the language was created, there is consistency in the structure and method of writing, meaning businesses can utilize various Developers for a project without running into problems with certain coding styles. Instead, all developers can easily make updates, changes, or collaborate on projects seamlessly.

If you are looking for the best framework to develop websites or web applications on and provide your consumers with the various interactive media needs they have, Ruby on Rails is the best option. Media businesses should onboard Ruby on Rails Developers to begin taking advantage of everything this programming language and framework has to offer. These professionals handle all of the tech components related to the development, implementation, and integration of Ruby on Rails throughout your business.

– PHP:

Another one of the fastest growing technologies in the media industry is PHP. Similar to HTML5 and RoR, PHP is an open-source, general-purpose scripting language that is used for web development and often embedded into HTML.

The reason this technology is gaining popularity among media providers is because it differs slightly from other available programming languages, thus providing companies with additional benefits. The main difference between this language and other languages is that it’s a server-side language. This means that the code is executed on the server and then sent to the customer embedded in HTML. The customer views the finished product of the code, but would be unable to pinpoint what the underlying code is because it’s hidden beneath HTML.

By using PHP in this way, media companies increase the security for their innovative design elements or website features because the specific coding elements are more difficult to isolate and identify. So creative media companies can retain the exclusive elements of their website, without having competitors be able to easily identify and copy the code for their own purposes.

Media companies looking to increase the security and complexity of coding to their websites should be implementing PHP into their online offerings. To do so, businesses will need to hire PHP Developers to handle the development and implementation of the server-side coding language. These professionals can assist media providers in identifying how best to use PHP and create more dynamic websites.

In Conclusion:

The media industry relies more heavily on innovative technologies than other sectors, so media executives must constantly be researching and implementing the fastest growing technologies to stay competitive. To enhance your coding security, improve the design and UX of your current online offerings to consumers, and implement the most effective and easy-to-use frameworks for developing web applications, media business should utilize the three fastest growing technologies seen here.

If your media business lacks the tech talent you need to begin using and benefitting from these technologies, contact Mondo today. We can connect you with the Developer talent you need now.

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