3 Steps to Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy With 3 Simple Steps

According to recent HubSpot reports, 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool while 96% of marketers say they see video marketing as an “important part” of their overall marketing strategies.

Enhancing your company’s video marketing strategy is crucial as it’s rapidly becoming the determining factor that distinguishes your brand from your competition.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the use of videos to promote and market products or services. It is a form of digital marketing that incorporates online video content, such as tutorials, product demonstrations, educational material, or streaming media to advertise and inform customers about a company’s offerings.

Video marketing can be used to reach a wide audience with targeted messages, build brand awareness, and increase sales.

This is why it’s abundantly clear that your business must improve its current video marketing strategy to ensure your continued success by reaching your audience through today’s most popular media form.

Steps to a successful video marketing strategy

There are three easy-to-adopt strategies that can help your company create an effective, practical, and successful video marketing strategy that includes hiring videography consultants, optimizing videos for voice search, and creating consistent video content.

1. Hire Videography Consultants 

If you’ve gotten this far, you should know your video marketing strategy isn’t just a complement to your digital strategy but a critical, if not primary component.

Connecting with and hiring videography consultants is a great way to ensure top quality in any of your one-off video needs plus a great way to improve your current strategy.

Why? These are the professionals who will have the experience needed and will be up-to-date on the latest video trends and techniques to help enhance your engagement rates, audience targeting, and brand awareness.

2. Optimize Videos For Voice Search 

Optimizing your video content for voice search will enhance your SEO results and help your audience find your content faster.

You will need to ensure your team is optimizing your video content for SEO just like you would optimize blog content, keeping in mind the latest SEO best practices; strategizing new keywords you’ll need to use, and ensuring you can naturally build backlinks to your new content.

With more people looking to invest in optimizing their video marketing SEO efforts, this tip can help more customers find your videos and navigate to your website to discover and purchase your products. 

3. Consistent Content 

A key element of any effective video marketing strategy is consistency.

Take the time to map out consistent video content on a schedule that works best for your marketing goals.

The key to consistency is streamlining your video content creation process. The more you can streamline this process the better you’ll be at developing and producing consistent content.

Streamlining this process is as easy as organizing content ideas, developing a video marketing production calendar, and adhering to this schedule with your producers, which will help centralize ideas and timelines for all involved.

Utilizing a content calendar and integrating automation tools can also help you identify which content works best for various audience personas and hold you accountable to your initial outlined schedule.

Is video a good marketing strategy?

Video marketing has proven to be a good marketing strategy because it appeals to what consumers want from businesses and it drives more traffic and conversions.

Video marketing is what consumers want

The results from a recent HubSpot survey show why video marketing is so important, as 54% of the study’s consumers report that they want to see more video content from the brands they support. 

Still not seeing the importance of improving your current video marketing strategy? Well, the respondents from an Animoto study listed video as their favorite form of content.

Meaning your company can’t afford not to elevate and invest in your current strategy, because failing to do so will make consumers associate your brand with outdated trends and opt for a competitor’s products marketed with more engaging video content.

Your video marketing strategy is crucial to prioritize now because it’s the tool that will help your business give your clients and customers the content they want.

Video marketing drives conversions

On top of that, websites are 53x more likely to appear on page one of Google’s highly-coveted search results when they’re embedded with video content as this is a key element Google’s algorithm evaluates websites on.

Prioritizing the improvement of your current strategy will expand your audience reach and contribute toward improving your SEO efforts and rankings.

Creating a video marketing strategy

With industry experts predicting video content will soon make up over 80% of all online traffic, now is the time your business should take the necessary steps to enhance your current video marketing strategy.

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