7 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders Every B2B CEO Should Follow

Digital Marketing Thought Leaders You Should Follow

Digital Marketing is in a constant state of change.

B2B sales cycles are getting longer, and effective Sales and Marketing alignment has never been more crucial in driving leads, increasing revenue, and enhancing Marketing strategies.

Additionally, the explosion of the MarTech industry in recent years has put a renewed focus on the importance of developing an effective MarTech strategy to boost the productivity and efficiency of your Marketing department.

Stay ahead of the latest B2B Digital Marketing insights, trends, and updates, and ensure your Marketing department is as impactful as possible by following these Digital Marketing thought leaders.

The 7 Best B2B Digital Marketing Thought Leaders

  1. Kyle Lacey 
  2. Ann Hadley
  3. Cliff Seal
  4. Matt Cutts 
  5. Matt Heinz 
  6. Matthew Barby 
  7. Neil Patel

1. Kyle Lacey – Jellyfish.co Chief Marketing Officer

The CMO of Jellyfish boasts nearly 35,000 Twitter followers thanks to his insights and thoughts on B2B content marketing.

With past titles that include the Director of Global Content Marketing at Salesforce and the Senior Manager of Content Marketing at ExactTarget, it’s no surprise that Lacey is considered one of the top Digital Marketing thought leaders for content marketing.

He’s written several books on the topic, including “Twitter Marketing for Dummies” and “Branding Yourself” and has an innate ability to create content that converts.

Follow him on Twitter for innovative ideas for your own B2B content marketing needs.

2. Ann Hadley – MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer

As the world’s first Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs, the marketing training academy she created, Hadley is well-versed in the best practices and latest innovations in B2B content marketing.

Become one of the 458,000 followers on the MarketingProfs Twitter she manages for the latest insights on all of your pressing Digital Marketing questions. You’ll rethink the way your business markets after hearing what she has to say.

3. Cliff Seal – Salesforce UX Architect

While Seal’s Twitter account may not have the same number of followers as the rest of the Digital Marketing thought leaders on this list, it would be a mistake to overlook Seal’s insights on user experience (UX) as it relates to marketing automation, customer retention, and lead generation.

As a UX architect at Salesforce, Seal understands better than most how to design for engagement.

Tune in to his regular updates for exclusive access to the insights you need to boost engagement with your online offerings.

4. Matt Cutts – Former Head of Webspam at Google

As the former Head of the Webspam team at Google, Cutts should be your go-to Digital Marketing thought leader on SEO.

Learn how to properly optimize your website and read about the latest updates to SEO and search engine algorithms alongside his half-million followers on Twitter for hands-on expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

5. Matt Heinz – Heinz Marketing B2B Demand Generation

For expert insights on how to improve the alignment of your Sales and Digital Marketing teams, look no further than Matt Heinz’s Twitter.

As the founder of Heinz Marketing, Heinz has built a career centered around his in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing, Sales, revenue growth, product success, and customer loyalty.

His expertise on the Sales process and innovative Digital Marketing strategies have made him a key resource for CEOs of B2B companies looking to better align their Sales and Digital Marketing departments to produce enhanced results.

6. Matthew Barby – Decentral Games CMO, HubSpot Vice President

Barby currently works as the VP at HubSpot in addition to being CMO of Decentral Games.

He excels in developing and growing audiences that convert; a priceless lead-nurture skill when it comes to your Digital Marketing needs.

In fact, companies that prioritize lead nurturing strategies like those used by Barby generate 50% more Sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost than companies that don’t, according to Marketo. 

Follow him on Twitter for access to the most up-to-date information on the latest lead-nurture acquisition and SEO strategies to start driving more Sales-ready leads for your business.

7. Neil Patel – Neil Patel Digital Co-Founder

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the top Digital Marketing thought leaders B2B CEOs should follow is Neil Patel.

You’ve likely read a blog by Patel or heard his name referenced by fellow Marketing professionals, and that’s because he has grown synonymous with innovative Digital Marketing strategies. 

Patel is especially vocal about the importance of education-focused lead nurturing and provides helpful tips and strategies on how to improve your lead nurture strategies to produce more Sales-ready leads. 

Follow Patel’s Twitter to keep an eye on his latest insights and adjust your lead nurture strategies as needed.

Learning from digital marketing thought leaders

The practical experience and in-depth expertise of these seven Digital Marketing thought leaders is a free resource that CEOs of B2B companies would benefit greatly from tapping into.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors when it comes to your company’s Digital Marketing strategies by doing weekly or monthly check-ins on the tips and insights shared by these thought leaders on the platforms they’re most active on, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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