Expert Interviewer Tips to Hire Top Candidates

Many companies like yours are looking to avoid the expensive mistake of onboarding the wrong talent. At the same time, you must remember that interviews go both ways.

In today’s competitive marketplace, your hiring team must have the necessary tools to win over potential candidates before your competition does.

Learn how these interviewer tips can help your business net the in-demand professionals needed to succeed.

Tips for interviewers to be more effective

From unprepared hiring managers to overreliance on tests, enhancing your interview experience means you and your team will also become familiar with the bad hiring habits you’ll want to know to avoid before your next interview.

When combined with our proven strategies to avoid a bad hire, these helpful and proven tips for interviewers can help you win over top candidates that will move your business forward:

1. Review the candidate’s resume before the interview

We know this is more than obvious, but by reviewing the candidate’s resume and asking interview questions directly related to their previous job history and experience, you’re showing the candidate they’re a priority and you’ve done your homework.

2. Don’t monopolize the interview time

Said simply, let the candidate talk!

Experts agree, interviewers and hiring managers should only talk for 30% of the time. Most initial interviews only last 30 minutes — manage that time properly by being prepared with questions and by letting the candidate adequately respond.

3. Consider the wording and tone of your interview questions

Before asking a question, your hiring managers should not only consider what questions to ask but how they are asking these questions.

It’s important to be polite, professional and not use language that is overly familiar or conversationally off-topic. If you spend too much time being chummy, you may subconsciously make a hiring decision based on liking the candidate instead of determining if they are truly qualified for the position.

Expert hiring managers agree, if interviewers aren’t always intentional with their language and it may cost them the candidate.

Your team can also avoid language faux pas by ensuring they understand that subtle vocabulary decisions, like referring to employees as “dudes” or “guys” can alienate candidates and make them feel unwanted, even this early in the hiring stage. 

4. Follow up by giving regular interview updates

As your business knows, communication is always key, and even during the interview process, it’s always a best practice to keep candidates informed and updated throughout every stage of the process.

Don’t risk missing out on a candidate by keeping them out of the loop on where you’re at in the hiring process. according to a Career Arc survey, 60% of candidates have had a negative interview experience from enterprise ghosting and more than half said they shared their bad experience online.

Let your HR team shine and make sure everyone involved knows what’s happening, whether you decide to hire them or not.

5. Outsource the interview process

There’s nothing wrong with accepting your business might not have the time or resources to invest in enhancing your interview process, which is what’s great about partnering with a staffing agency like Mondo.

Our average time-to-fill rates of 3-5 days for contract-based positions and 5-10 days for full-time roles can provide you with the mobile marketing experts or software developers you need as soon as you need them.

Working with an agency allows you to continue doing what you do best, while still securing the high-end Tech or Digital Marketing talent you’re looking for.

Why should you use these Interviewing Tips?

We live in a candidate-driven world, where on average high-end experts only stay on the job market for around ten days before they accept an offer.

Despite this fact, most businesses in the U.S. have an interview process that lasts around 24 days before any offers are made.

This means your company likely needs to have a faster hiring process while discovering and adopting effective interviewer tips that can help your hiring managers win over interviewees. 

A LinkedIn talent trend study reported that a 85% said a negative interview experience would completely change their minds on accepting an offer, even if they were very interested in the role.

Your business cannot ignore the fact that it’s time for you to improve and enhance your interview experience to ensure that you can win the in-demand candidates you need.

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