Consultant Corner: Inside Videography Trends with an In-Demand Video Editor

Consultant Corner spotlights one of Mondo’s most in-demand Creative, Digital Marketing, or Tech consultants — nominated by the recruiters who know them best to give you insider insights on the latest industry trends, and what these consultants look for from potential employers.

Consultant Corner: Spotlight on Josh’s Career in Videography

This month we sat down with Josh, one of our most in-demand video editing & production consultants.

Learn about the latest trends he sees within video editing and motion graphics design, what he values most from employers, and his experience working with staffing agencies like Mondo.

Videography resume spotlights

8+ years of experience as a video editor & content creator with titles ranging from:

  • Video Editor
  • Video Production Specialist
  • Sr. Multimedia Designer
  • Motion Graphics Specialist + more

With almost ten years of experience, Josh is a vetted Video Editor, Producer, and Motion Graphics Specialist with an insider’s perspective on the latest trends within video marketing — a digital marketing strategy that has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Video marketing has been ranked a top priority for marketing strategies and most marketers see video as an important part of their marketing strategies.

With this in mind, we spoke with Josh to get his thoughts on the latest trends he’s seeing and what sets him apart in the hiring process.

What are the latest trends you see in the marketplace for video marketing and video editing?

“The video world is changing every single day. There’s something new, something different, so I try to stay on top of all the trends. I feel like online short-form videos are becoming super common as attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter every day… Every video still has to have that overarching story — a beginning, middle, and end, has to tell a complete story — we just have to do it a lot faster.”

“So I think that’s fun because I enjoy pulling that apart and asking myself how can I tell a comprehensive story in the shortest amount of time? For online content, it’s around a minute or less now. It’s 15 seconds for Snapchat. They get shorter and shorter every day. So those are the trends I’m seeing. Clients still want really great professional content, but super short and more of it. So instead of working on a few three-minute videos, now I’m seeing more requests for ten 15-second videos or six 1-minute videos.”

What would you say are the most in-demand skill sets for videographers and video editors right now?

“Someone who can do both editing and motion graphics at the same time so [clients] don’t have to hire out to other people because you can wear multiple hats and do it all… Clients are interested to hear you can do both and hire you over someone who can only do one thing.”

Top Software Specializations:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro 
  • Adobe Premiere 
  • Avid Media Composer

Top Clients Include:

  • Smashbox
  • Red Bull
  • Maroon 5
  • Sephora
  • PUR Water
  • American Eagle
black and white photo of video editor consultant, Josh

How do you stand out from other candidates in the hiring process? What makes you more of an ideal candidate? 

“There’s still a lot of people out there who are strictly just editors, where they don’t want to do anything with After Effects or animation or graphic design. There are people who do just strictly animation and design and don’t do the video editing side of things. So for myself, I’ve tried to master both to help land more clients by being able to do all video aspects, I can shoot, I can edit, I can do motion design, I can do animation. Hopefully, that helps me land more because I can be that one-stop-shop type of person a lot of clients are looking for.”

What video editors want from employers

While the emphasis in a traditional hiring process is on what the candidate can offer the employer, today’s in-demand digital marketing and tech talent benefit from the ongoing candidate-driven market where they can be more selective with the projects and opportunities they take on.

Discover what Josh values most from potential employers to help you better sell your next video marketing need to the top applicant you want to bring on.

What do you look for from potential employers in the hiring process or during the project? 

“I really like the clients who are more open to my creative input and what I bring creatively rather than saying this is exactly what we need. I enjoy the client who comes to me looking for my professional opinion on how I can make this better, asking for my creative input, and being open to my ideas. That’s what I’ve really enjoyed; working with a client who’s open to other things as opposed to sticking to a set script or exactly what they’ve seen or done before. It’s good to kind of veer off and see what’s out there and how we can make it more creative and enjoyable.”

What would you say you’ve worked on that you are most proud of throughout your partnership with Mondo? 

I loved working with two specific clients at Mondo. They’re more of the clients who are open to letting me bring my creative ideas to the table or asking if I’m interested in a project coming up. And they just let me run with it because I’ve built that relationship with both clients throughout the years, so I think they trust me on that.”

Partnering with staffing agencies

After partnering with Josh for over five years now, we wanted to hear firsthand what his experience has been like working with Mondo and how it compares to his experience working with other staffing agencies. 

What has your experience been like throughout working with Mondo?

“Ever since the first time they [Mondo] contacted me, it’s been great.” 

What has your experience been like working with other staffing agencies? 

“I’ve worked with [other creative-focused agencies] and I would say I feel like I have a better relationship with Mondo than I do with other agencies I’ve worked with.” “Mondo definitely sends me the most work, and I feel like the process of Mondo is a lot easier. It’s great to be able to get a call from a recruiter asking if I’m interested in a gig and then hours later, I’ve booked it. Whereas with other agencies it can be a bit of a longer process, you have to set up interviews for each project even though I’ve been in the system for years.”

Josh, Video Editor/Producer | Active Mondo Consultant

How does Mondo differ from other staffing agencies you’ve worked with?

“Every staff member I’ve worked with has been so friendly and so easy to work with. They’re always reaching out to make sure everything goes well throughout the whole process, throughout the whole job. Mondo overall, as a client, has been the most communicative throughout everything. Other agencies aren’t always as commutative as I’d like throughout the process. Mondo is really good at that, always reaching out and making sure everything is going smoothly.”   

What is one word you would use to describe working with Mondo?

“It’s pretty cliché, but, amazing. Everything from each person I’ve dealt with, to the clients they’ve sent my way, to keeping me on task and reaching out throughout the whole process, they’ve just been super great and amazing to work with from start to finish.”

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