Highest Paid Social Media Jobs & Top Salaries

Corporations and businesses are realizing the value of having the right creative and social media teams in place to round out their overall growth strategies.

The Department of Labor and Statistics predicts a 10 percent growth in social media marketing and advertising roles over the next few years.

According to our 2023 Salary Guide, let’s look at the six highest-paying social media jobs and their average salary ranges associated with each position, giving you the salary insights you need to hire the expert talent you need.

Social Media Salaries by Career:

Social Media Manager$90,000$125,000
Technical Writer$95,000$156,000
Community Manager$83,000$110,000
Social Media Specialist$65,000$114,000
Content Strategist$77,000$146,000
Copy Editor$83,000$125,000
Web Producer$78,000$114,000

Social Media Manager Salary

Social media managers (SMM) are often the most sought-after roles to fill, with these professionals earning an average salary range of $90,000-$125,000.

Social media managers are responsible for managing all of a company’s social media accounts, creating and curating content and engaging with customers or clients. SMMs also analyze crucial channel data and platform metrics to leverage trends that drive the health and growth of your company’s brand and revenue.

In the ever-growing social media employment landscape, SMMs are key to a company’s success.

When to hire a social media manager?

The best time to hire a social media manager is when a company is ready to make a serious commitment to its social media presence to grow brand awareness and build trust with its audience. 

Companies that don’t invest in their social media presence, risk being seen as irrelevant — or worse — not being seen at all.

Technical Writer Salary

Technical writers come in on the social media wage list with an average annual salary of $95,000-$156,000.

Technical writers are key in taking complex subjects and breaking them down into easy-to-understand language that is digestible for the average person to consume — which is important when distilling technical verbiage to users via social media.

They are often the key communicators between the engineering or development team and the end-user.

When to hire technical writers?

The best time to hire a technical writer is typically when a company is undergoing rapid growth and needs someone to help document all of the new procedures, processes, and products that are being developed. 

Companies that don’t prioritize this part of their growth strategy risk collapsing under the weight of their own success.

Social Media Specialist Salary

Social media specialist, also known as social media specialists, earn an average salary range of $65,000-$114,000.

Social media specialists differ from social media managers because they are responsible for executing the day-to-day social media strategy set forth by the manager and often report to them.

This can include creating and curating content, engaging with customers or clients, and tracking and analyzing data.

When to hire a social media specialist?

The best time to hire a social media specialist is when a company already has someone in place to manage its social media presence and is ready to take things to the next level. 

Companies that don’t invest in a social media specialist risk spreading their social media and marketing resources too thin and stunting their results.

Community Manager Salary, Social Media

Community managers for social media earn an average salary range of $83,000-$110,000

Community managers are different from social media coordinators in that they focus on building and maintaining relationships with a company’s customers or clients.

They are the key communicators between the company and its audience, responsible for managing all customer interactions and ensuring that they are positive experiences.

When to hire a community manager?

The best time is when your company is ready to make a serious commitment to its customer service and engagement efforts. 

Companies that don’t invest in their community management risk losing customers or clients to competitors who do.

Copy Editor Salary

Copy editors earn an average salary range of $83,000-$125,000.

Copy editors and copywriting professionals are key to crafting the perfect messaging for your company on various social media platforms and your own website.

While copywriters are responsible for writing thoughtful and engaging copy that converts, copy editors help to perfect the written word to ensure it meets the highest standards before it’s published.

When to hire a copywriter/copy editor?

The best time to invest in a good copywriter or copy editor is when your company is ready to start taking its marketing and advertising efforts to the next level. 

Companies that don’t invest in quality copywriting and editing risk coming across as disingenuous to users or unprofessional compared to competitors.

Content Strategist Salary

Content strategists earn an average salary range of $77,000-$146,000.

Content strategists have become increasingly important as the internet has become more saturated with an overabundance of content and with competition for users at an all-time high.

A good content strategist can help a company determine what kind of content will best reach its target audience and how to create that content in an engaging way.

When to hire a content strategist?

If your company is ready to invest in its online presence and create a solid content strategy that can be executed over time to bring in reliable and consistent results, now is the time. 

Companies that don’t invest in their content risk being lost in the shuffle of the internet and losing key opportunities to competitors.

Web Producer Salary

Web producers earn an average salary range of $70,000-$114,000.

Web producers are responsible for managing the content on a company’s website, and by extension their social media channels. This includes creating, curating, and publishing content that is in alignment with brand standards, engaging, and relevant to the company’s target audience.

They also work closely with designers and developers to ensure that the website is easy to navigate and looks its best.

When to hire a web editor/producer?

The best time to hire a web producer is when a company is ready to invest in its website and improve its online presence. 

Companies that don’t invest in their web producers risk having an outdated or poorly designed website that fails to attract, engage, and convert visitors.

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