How to Hire a Cyber Security Engineer to Protect Your Digital Assets

From bitcoin-driven cryptojacking, mobile malware, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and even Internet of Things (IoT) device attacks, today’s world is full of cyber threats that may put your enterprise and its digital assets at risk.

That’s why it’s crucial that you and your hiring team understand the importance of learning to hire a cyber security engineer successfully.

Why hire a cyber security engineer?

There are many reasons a company should hire a cyber security engineer including even the largest companies being at risk, cyberthreats constantly evolving, and having a dedicated cyber security professional dedicated to protecting your company’s digital assets.

Even large corporations are not immune to cyberattacks

Recently, companies like Google Fi, T-Mobile, and Uber have faced threatening security breaches; proving that no matter the size of your business, a cyberattack could negatively impact your brand, infrastructure, and bottom line.

You’ll need to hire a cyber security engineer to avoid these threats and mitigate them as well, as needed. 

Cyberthreats are constantly evolving

Emerging technologies like deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are being integrated into companies’ day-to-day operations to help enterprises combat cyberthreats.

Leading experts, like Joan Pepin Vice President of Operations at Auth0, reiterate the importance of remembering that machine learning is still not fully capable of accomplishing what a cyber security engineer can do.

Despite how helpful these new tools and technologies can be, you can’t solely rely on this technology for all of your cyber protection needs. At least, not yet.

Having a dedicated cyber security resource

Why hire a cyber security engineer? These security professionals are responsible for planning, implementing, managing, monitoring, and upgrading security measures for the protection of your organization’s big data, and networks.

In other words, these are the employees who will make sure your assets are safe from cyberthreats so you don’t end up like Microsoft and Slack.

How to hire a cyber security engineer

There are practical strategies that can help you hire the in-demand cyber security professionals you’re looking for including understanding salary ranges for cyber security engineers, offering professional development and career development, and considering hackers and gamers for these positions.

You’ve taken the first step to protect your company’s assets by uncovering the common cyberthreats that every business should know about.

Now you know the critical need of netting high-end cyber security talent for your organization.

The next step is learning how to attract and hire a cyber security engineer equipped to meet your company’s needs.

Understand the average salary for cyber security jobs

With cyber threats growing more sophisticated each day through AI and ML adoption among hackers, it’s clear your competitors will be looking to hire cyber security engineers as well.

One way your company can stand out from the competition and attract professionals being recruited by various organizations is by having the insights needed to offer competitive salaries.

Downloading resources like our annual Salary Guide can provide exclusive data on the average rates for cyber security professionals, helping you make the most attractive offer the first time around. 

Offer cyber security career mobility

Consider promoting career mobility as early as the interview or even in the job description.

It’s as easy as explaining to candidates how your company rewards tenure and employees who invest in the business.

Show potential candidates that the role they’re considering isn’t stagnant but one with many professional opportunities down the road.

Promoting career mobility in the interview stages and clearly showing an available career map the right hire can follow will attract talent looking to grow with a company.

An added bonus of, investing in your employees’ careers is increased retention rates and developing a work culture where your teams motivate each other to work hard.

Interview hackers & gamers for cyber security jobs

A recent McAfee survey revealed that 92% of senior security decision-makers identified how past gaming affords players the experience and skills critical to cyber security threat hunting, assisting them in gaining an understanding of hacker logic and both common and complex breaches.

Considering gamers and hackers for your vacant cyber security engineer role will be useful because they understand how hackers think. Though they aren’t like traditional candidates they can help prevent attacks you might not have predicted and protecting your assets.

Protecting your digital assets with cyber security measures

To better protect your devices, infrastructure, and most importantly your sensitive business data, your company needs to hire security professionals who have proven experience working with the evolving cyberthreats becoming increasingly common today.

If your company is facing a cyber security talent gap, contact Mondo today. With our extensive and exclusive network, we can help you find candidates who can keep your business safe from cyberthreats.

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