How to Avoid Getting Ghosted After an Interview

Nobody ever plans to get ghosted after an interview, though unfortunately, it does happen more often than most people expect. 

You could leave that building or log off that Zoom interview feeling like you couldn’t have done better, more confident than ever… 

And then boom, it’s crickets for days after. 

We’ve provided some of our expert tips and tricks on how to NOT get ghosted after an interview.

How to avoid getting ghosted after an interview

Some of the most helpful things you can do after an interview to avoid getting ghosted are following up immediately, sending a thank you note, reaching out to someone you know after the interview and being persistent yet professional when following-up.

Tips to avoid getting ghosted after an interview:

  1. Follow-up immediately after an interview
  2. Send a thank you note after an interview
  3. Be persistent but not pushy after an interview
  4. Reach out to someone you know after an interview
  5. Don’t take it personally if you get ghosted after an interview
  6. Know when to cut your losses after an interview

Follow-up immediately after an interview

Always take the time to follow up immediately after the interview. 

This could be an email or direct message to the person you interviewed with and anyone else you’ve spoken with throughout the hiring process. 

It doesn’t take long and can only benefit you! 

Send a thank you note after an interview

Sending a “Thank You” note is a gesture that will never go unnoticed. 

You want to send a kindly worded, short and sweet but professional note effectively portraying how your background and experience align perfectly with what they’re looking for. 

Use examples from the interview and topics that were discussed or brought up by the Hiring Manager, refer back to the job description to help highlight key requirements, and acknowledge their company background and mission. 

All of these can help formulate a strong “Thank You” and keep you at the front of an Interviewer’s mind! 

Be persistent but not pushy after an interview

Be persistent but not pushy. If you were to have an interview Wednesday morning and sent your “Thank You” note already, a good time for following up could be that Friday morning before going into the weekend. 

A good intro to use is:

“Happy Friday! I wanted to reach out and see if there has been any progress made or thoughts/ feedback on next steps?”

Reach out to someone you know after an interview

Reach out to someone you know and trust. Let them know how you’re feeling! Sometimes it helps just to verbally get out your thoughts and feelings about the interview. 

Bonus points if this person was someone who referred you for the job you’re interviewing for. 

They may even be able to give you some insider insight as to how the interview went. 

Don’t take it personally if you get ghosted after an interview

Now let’s say it’s been nearly two full business weeks since you’ve heard back. 

When this happens, and you’re now under the impression that you weren’t considered a strong enough candidate, don’t take it personally!

Companies sometimes interview dozens of candidates trying to find the perfect fit. If that’s not you, there’s a better job waiting for you out there somewhere. 

Know when to cut your losses after an interview

There is a multitude of reasons why you would have not been selected, including factors outside of your control that have nothing to do with your level of experience or the value you bring. 

This could mean the company is having a new hiring freeze or conducting mass layoffs, or maybe they decided they don’t need to fill the position, after all.

Whatever the reason, don’t wait around waiting to hear back when you could be looking and applying for your next big opportunity. 

Why do companies ghost after interviews?

There are several reasons why a company may not get back to a candidate after an interview including hiring freezes, lack of fit, a better candidate is found, or lack of follow-up.

Company hiring freeze

Hiring freezes can happen out of the blue, and sometimes, depending on the reasoning, can disappoint the Hiring Manager just as much as the candidate. 

Especially when the budget falls through the cracks or funds have been allocated elsewhere in the company. 

A candidate is overqualified or underqualified

Another reason you could be ghosted is you’re simply underqualified, or even overqualified.

This could mean you have one small skill missing that the company was looking for or, if you’re overqualified, that the hiring manager knows they won’t be able to offer you what you’re worth in pay. 

In these cases, you’re better off anyway. 

Lack of overall fit

A lack of fit could be culture or team-based, not fitting the technical requirements, or not seeing the longevity factor. 

This could mean that they may think you’d get bored in the role, or maybe the team just can’t envision it.

Better candidate found

As disappointing as it can be, they may have simply moved forward with another candidate as they felt more strongly about them all around. 

Unfortunately, in some of these cases, employers may not reach out to the remaining candidates with feedback especially if they interviewed more than 2-3 candidates. 

Again, this just means the right job for YOU is still out there. 

Lack of Follow-Up

Always follow up. Just do it! The impact here cannot be stressed enough. 

It shows interest, professionalism, and also an acknowledgment of time.

Always send the “Thank You” note, and always follow up – It never hurts, especially in cases when multiple candidates are in the running and you need to set yourself apart.   

Avoid getting ghosted after an interview

Sometimes finding the right job can take time and perseverance. 

But by keeping these tools in your toolbelt and leveraging these tips and tricks on how to NOT get ghosted after an interview, you can increase your chances of landing your next job.

Keep your chin up and keep going. Your job is out there!

Looking for your next gig? Let us help. 

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