How to Find Remote Internships: Virtual Internship Programs

The world of work has been undergoing a major transformation in recent years, with remote and virtual internships becoming an increasingly popular option for employers.

Companies have discovered the potential value of these programs, which offer a unique opportunity for employers to connect with passionate candidates anywhere in the world.

But what does this shift away from traditional internships mean?

Explore the changing landscape of remote internships, the impact they have on employers, how to prepare for a successful virtual internship experience if you’re a job seeker, and where to look for upcoming opportunities.

What is a remote internship?

A remote internship, unlike a traditional one, is a work experience program where the intern does not physically attend a traditional office setup. Instead, interns work remotely and communicate with their team over email, video conferencing, and other digital channels.

Where to find virtual internships

There are a number of ways job seekers can find remote internship opportunities including professional networking sites, job boards, and virtual internship websites.

Networking sites to find a remote internship

Job boards & search engines to find a remote internship

Virtual internship groups

The benefits of remote internships

Over the past few years, remote and virtual internships have become a popular option for several reasons including:

Increased flexibility

Remote internships provide more opportunities for employers to connect with a global talent pool and make it easier for interns to work in their own way, from wherever they are.

Cost savings

The need for physical office spaces is eliminated, making remote internships much less expensive than traditional ones.

Improved recruitment

Through remote internships, employers can recruit from a larger pool of candidates and tap into the skillset of those who may not be able to physically come on-site.

Preparing for a remote internship

If you’re a job seeker looking to take advantage of this growing trend, there are several steps you should take before applying like researching remote internships, building your digital presence, and preparing a strong resume.

Research remote internships

Research the company and understand its culture. Explore how they operate remotely, the tools they use for communication, and ascertain whether the role is suited to your skill set.

Build a digital presence for a remote internship

Make sure that your online profile (especially on professional networks such as LinkedIn) accurately reflects who you are and your unique qualifications for the job.

Prepare a strong resume for your remote internship

Your resume should be tailored to the specific job you’re applying for. Make sure it includes relevant work experience, skill sets, and any other qualifications that make you stand out from the crowd.

The future of internships

As we look ahead, there are several industry trends that are poised to shape the future of internships that include virtual reality & augmented reality, micro-internships, project-based internships, and increased focus on soft skills.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Internships:

With advancements in technology, VR and AR can provide immersive learning experiences, allowing interns to perform tasks and take part in scenarios that closely mimic the actual work environment.


These short-term, paid, professional assignments are similar to those given to new hires or interns.

They provide flexibility and allow the intern to gain a wide range of experiences across different industries.

Project-Based Internships

These internships focus on completing a specific project during the internship period.

It provides a tangible outcome that both the intern and the company can benefit from.

Increased Focus on Soft Skills

Companies are increasingly valuing interpersonal and soft skills, such as communication and problem-solving.

Future internships will likely place a greater emphasis on developing these skills, alongside technical abilities.

The changing landscape of remote internships

Remote internships have been growing in popularity over the past few years, offering employers a more cost-effective way of providing valuable work experiences to interns and job seekers a more flexible option.

Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, it’s important to understand the changing landscape of remote internships, the different ways to find opportunities, and how to prepare for success.

By taking into account these trends and preparing accordingly, both employers and job seekers can benefit from these virtual internship programs.

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