How to Network For a Job: Tips From a Staffing Professional

For some individuals, networking is a part of everyday life, whether that be who you interact with on a day-to-day basis, to singular encounters you make while out grabbing a drink at a local coffee shop. 

As a staffing professional, I often find myself receiving the question:

“What’s the best way to get back on the market for a new job, and where do I start?” 

Reaching out to old friends and colleagues can always be a little intimidating, especially when you are taking the next step towards a new career — but the most simple way to get yourself started is by utilizing your existing network and challenging yourself every day to grow that network. 

As Tim Sanders once said, “Your Network is your Net Worth,” and that could not be more accurate because it’s truly amazing how much value you can add to your next career move with the people you know. 

How to network to get a job

There are several networking tips you can leverage to get a job like building your online presence, asking for referrals, working with recruiters, and going to business networking events.

How to network to get a job:

Build your online presence to get a job

Building your presence online can seem intimidating at first, and you might ask yourself, “How do I make my professional profile look enticing?” 

For some, this might be a very open-ended question, but it’s easier to simplify this process by looking at those who are currently occupying a profession that you are pursuing. 

Take a look at different Linkedin profiles that truly impress you, and start to build your profile to model a similar format. 

If you find yourself lacking in details, take a moment to think about your career and accomplishments so far and add the accomplishments you’re proud of and truly set your profile apart.

Attend networking events to get a job 

Networking events are a phenomenal way to get yourself out into new environments, as well as opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. 

Not sure where to look? Here’s a quick start…

It’s as simple as going onto Google and searching for “networking events near me” and adding in whatever field you are looking to pursue a career path in, whether that be digital marketing, IT, or healthcare — they are all out there!

Connect with alumni to get a job 

Utilizing classmates and other forms of alumni is a fantastic way to re-establish your network with warm introductions. 

Whether it be Linkedin, Facebook, or other forms of social media, it can never hurt to reach out to an old friend to check in to see how they are doing, what’s changed in their life, and most importantly in YOUR search, where are they working and how do they like it?

Gaining this invaluable knowledge from those you know gives you the opportunity to get a truly honest insight into career paths that you are interested in, as well as those you have yet to explore.

Utilize professional organizations to get a job 

Professional organizations are always a fantastic place to start your next job search. 

The great part of these organizations is that not only do they often host networking events and learning opportunities, but they also tend to have a great online presence.

Within these online communities, you’ll find like-minded individuals who are constantly looking to grow their networks and share information, and in turn, help you grow and increase the size of your network. 

Ask for referrals to get a job

In my time working in the staffing and consulting industry, asking for a referral to get a job is one of the most overlooked ways of finding a job that I’ve come across. 

As intimidating as it is to take that next step on your professional journey, your network is your #1 support system! 

Reaching out to past colleagues, alumni, or friends is a simple way to get yourself out there.

Although the process is not as simple as “ask and you shall receive” if you never ask, you’ll never know what great opportunity could be waiting for you.

Offer to help others network to get a job

Offering others with the support of your network is a fantastic way to consistently grow your network and branch out. Not only do you get to continue the growth of a relationship, but by showing your support for others, they can do the same for you! 

By showing support to someone in your network in the same stage of their career path, you open the door to an exponentially larger network through the collaboration of offering to help others.

Follow up to get a job

Once you’ve gone through an interview process, the most stressful part is waiting to hear back on the next steps, if you’ve gotten the job, or if the employer has made the decision on who they are hiring. 

The number one thing to truly get noticed by employers — aside from your skills of course — is the initiative to follow up after an interview.

Whether that be a thank you letter, a check-in email, or a call, it will always stand out to a potential employer when you follow up, because it shows how much interest you have in the position and that you want to be part of their team.

Reach out to recruiters to get a job

Reaching out to recruiters is a fantastic way to network — and I’m not just saying that since I’m in the field — but because of knowledge we can offer in fine-tuning so many aspects of your search. 

Whether it be your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or even getting advice on what you truly want to do in your next career, it is part of our job to help you find your next position where you can truly shine. 

Don’t be afraid to network to get a job

Putting yourself out there can seem hard at first, and often you don’t know where to start. 

That being said, you always have to start somewhere! The more you continue to grow your network, the more opportunities you will have.

By increasing your exposure to new individuals, you will consistently increase your chance of finding your dream job.

What are the benefits of networking to find a job?

The benefits of networking to find a job range from giving you more exposure and gaining insider information to opportunities for career advancement and even increased confidence.

Network for increased exposure

As you find yourself continuing to grow your network and meeting new people – it will always lead to one main thing – increasing your exposure. 

So what does that exactly mean? 

Not only will you increase your own exposure to new opportunities and new connections, but it also means that others are being exposed to what you have to offer, and you never know the impact a new connection will have, and what opportunity can come from that interaction.

Network for inside information

Sure, you can go online and read about different opportunities and different companies and positions as much as you want, but nothing will ever provide as much insight into your next career step as someone who is currently working within that environment on a day-to-day basis. 

Real insight comes from connecting with people and getting their honest opinion and input on what a workplace or career path looks like because it is part of their everyday life.

Network for career advancement

Feeling stuck in your current environment? Then go out and see what the world has to offer you!

By continually networking, you will consistently expose yourself to new and different opportunities, and you never know when the right connection can lead to the next great step in your career path.

Network for personal and professional connections

It may seem that networking, especially when searching for the next step in your career, can be focused on professional connections but that’s not always the case.

Through my experience over the years, some of my greatest friends have come through professional connections.

Your ability to connect with others doesn’t have to just take hold in the workplace but can provide the opportunity for meaningful personal relationships as well.

Network for increased confidence 

If you’re new to the idea of networking and building your network as a whole, it can definitely be intimidating at first.

But as you continue to put yourself out there, meeting new people consistently becomes easier.

Take it from someone whose career is based on networking — the more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more confidence you build along the way.

Network for job referrals

Not sure what opportunities are out there that could be the perfect fit for you? That’s no problem at all!

The more you continue to build your network and meet other individuals who are in companies experiencing growth or a need for your skillset, the easier it becomes to ASK, “Would I be the right fit for this role?” or, “Would you be able to refer me for this position? I can see myself as a fit for this!”

All you have to do is ask, the worst someone can ever say is no!

Network for industry insight

Thinking of taking a step into a new industry? That’s great!

But first, make sure you take the appropriate steps to understand the new world you are becoming a part of.

Talk to friends, alumni, and anyone in your network who currently works within that space and use that as an opportunity to learn more, network more, and ultimately grow your insight into this new journey you’re about to embark upon.

Does networking really work to get a job?

Networking is hands down the best and simplest way to get a job in our current world. Until you start to talk about the next step in your career path with others, you’ll never know the opportunities that lie within not only your existing network but your future network as well.

Building your network builds your exposure to new opportunities on the horizon, and the more you build your network the more opportunities will present themselves!

Using networking to get a job

Every day you have the opportunity to go out in the world and increase your network by exposing yourself to new connections.

Whether it be personal or professional, every single person you interact with has a network that you can have access to in order to exponentially increase the opportunities in your life for career growth. 

So whether you meet one new person a day or 100, the key to growing your network is putting yourself out there!

Looking for your next gig? Let us help. 

Every year, Mondo helps over 2,000 candidates find jobs they love.

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