Lessons From Ikea: Prioritizing Value Over Sales

In the realm of retail giants, Ikea stands as an exceptional entity that has strongly influenced not only the way we shop but also the way we perceive value.

The Swedish powerhouse, known for its simplistic yet stylish furniture is saying goodbye to its groundbreaking innovation lab, Space10 attributing its closure to the successful implementation of its methods and innovations into Ikea and its locations around the world.

And while Space10 has officially run its course with Ikea, its impact will live on in its legacy of outcome-focused innovation that has inspired other organizations the world over.

While the relentless pursuit of sales drives most businesses, Ikea has dared to take a different path – one that prioritizes value above all else.

It’s for these reasons that organizations attempt to unravel the secrets behind Ikea’s remarkable success and explore how their audacious approach to innovation can inspire and transform companies across industries.

What is Space10?

Space10 is an independent research and design lab backed by Ikea, which focuses on finding innovative solutions for future living. Established in the heart of Copenhagen in 2014, Space10 has been the birthplace of various forward-thinking projects and prototypes aimed at addressing global challenges such as affordable housing, food insecurity, and sustainability.

Space10 future-living philosophy

Instead of focusing solely on creating new products, Space10 challenged the status quo by concentrating on finding solutions to global issues.

It examined how we could live better lives in the future, considering factors ranging from urbanization and overpopulation to climate change, AI, and more.

Space10 & Ikea

The impact of Space10 on Ikea has been profound. The lab has influenced the company’s direction, pushing it to think more sustainably and holistically about the products and services it offers.

In essence, Space10 was instrumental in helping Ikea align its business strategy with its core value of creating a better everyday life for many people.

Space10 approach to innovation

The Space10 approach to innovation prioritizes outcomes over products, and public transparency, and has led to projects like Ikea Place and the Meatless Meatball.

Outcomes vs. products

The philosophy at the heart of Space10 is a focus on outcomes rather than specific products.

This approach has steered the lab’s efforts towards broader goals such as sustainability, affordable living, and innovative solutions to global issues.

In contrast to a product-centric mindset, this outcome-oriented perspective has empowered Ikea to pioneer in avenues beyond just retail, reinforcing its commitment to creating a better quality of life.

Public transparency

Public-facing development and collaboration hold significant importance in the innovation process.

By openly sharing their development process, companies like Ikea can foster a broader dialogue and attract diverse perspectives, thereby amplifying their potential for innovation.

This transparency not only builds trust with the public but also promotes a culture of collaboration that paves the way for shared progress and mutual growth.

Space10 projects

Over the years, Space10 has initiated a plethora of innovative projects, notably Ikea Place and the Meatless Meatball.

Ikea Place, an augmented reality app, reimagines the shopping experience by allowing users to virtually place Ikea furniture in their homes before purchase, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing returns.

On the other hand, the Meatless Meatball project addresses environmental concerns, offering a sustainable alternative to meat products without compromising Ikea’s renowned culinary experience.

Benefits of outcome-focused innovation

There are several benefits of outcome-focused innovation that include, groundbreaking solutions, public engagement, and the ripple effect.

Groundbreaking solutions

Emphasizing broader goals often sparks unexpected and groundbreaking solutions because it encourages creative and critical thinking beyond conventional boundaries.

This expansive view fosters an environment conducive to innovation, unearthing possibilities that would typically remain unseen in a narrow, product-centric approach.

Consequently, this mindset can lead to the development of solutions that not only address immediate needs but also have the potential to transform industries and redefine norms.

Public engagement

Engaging the public in the innovation process fosters an environment of trust and inclusivity, enabling organizations to draw upon diverse perspectives and ideas.

This open-door policy can lead to the creation of more comprehensive, relevant, and robust solutions, catered towards serving a wider demographic.

Moreover, transparency in the process enhances reputability and can cultivate a sense of shared ownership and commitment among the public, further bolstering the organization’s standing and impact.

The ripple effect

Space10’s outcome-focused and transparent approach has significantly influenced Ikea’s corporate culture, encouraging the company to think beyond product-centric perspectives and strive for broader goals like sustainability and affordable living.

By mirroring Space10’s ethos, organizations can foster relationships based on shared progress and mutual growth, demonstrating the transformative power of an outcome-focused approach in diverse sectors.

Applying outcome-focused innovation to staffing

While countless organizations across various industries leverage the ethos created by Ikea and Space10, a unique opportunity presents itself in the staffing industry when it comes to matching employers with candidates looking for their dream jobs.

Mondo and its role in the staffing industry

Mondo, a leading staffing agency focused on IT, digital marketing, creative, and tech plays a unique role in the US staffing industry by leveraging its expertise and resources to connect businesses with the right talent.

The agency prides itself on its innovative, outcome-focused approach to staffing, not unlike the principles laid out by Ikea and Space10.

Outcome-focused innovation in staffing

In line with this outcome-focused approach, Mondo is committed to understanding the broader goals of its clients.

Rather than simply filling vacancies, Mondo strives to deliver bespoke staffing solutions that align with each client’s unique objectives and business strategies.

This ensures that recruited talent contributes meaningfully to the client’s success, fostering a relationship based on shared progress and mutual growth.

Mondo’s evolution and commitment

Mondo’s approach to staffing is not a static one; it’s an ever-evolving process that continuously adapts to stay ahead of industry trends and challenges.

Its commitment to delivering value extends beyond merely supplying personnel.

By maintaining a deep understanding of industry movements, technological advancements, and emerging skill requirements, Mondo ensures that its clients are always equipped with the talent they need to thrive in a dynamic business environment.

This forward-thinking approach showcases Mondo’s unwavering dedication to helping its clients and talent alike achieve their objectives and future-proof their collective growth.

Lessons for other companies to learn from Ikea

Lessons other companies can take from Ikea and Space10 include an improved long-term vision, openness and collaboration, shared success, commitment to innovation, and reaching innovation goals.

Long term vision

Emphasizing long-term vision, as opposed to merely focusing on immediate fiscal results, can propel companies toward sustainability and holistic growth.

It encourages a strategic mindset that appreciates the broader impact of business decisions to foster innovation, promote stakeholder relationships, and enhance overall brand value.

Openness and collaboration

The power of collaboration should not be underestimated; it can unlock the potential to develop pervasive and accessible solutions that address industry gaps as well as societal needs.

By engaging with diverse perspectives – both internally and externally – companies can gain a comprehensive overview of their respective situations and identify opportunities for shared progress.

Shared success

Ultimately, an outcome-focused approach builds trust and creates an environment where successes are shared, from the company to its employees and customers.

It also helps lay the groundwork for long-term partnerships that foster mutual growth and progress – a concept Ikea and Space10 have implemented with great success.

By prioritizing this mindset within their respective industries, these companies have transformed the way they interact with their stakeholders and developed unique solutions to drive progress.

Commitment to innovation

Setting up independent innovation labs or teams within a company can greatly fuel creativity and swiftly bring breakthrough ideas to fruition.

These specialized units, operating with autonomy and freedom, can drive disruptive innovation, offering the company a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

Reaching innovation goals

Recognizing when the innovation process is fully integrated into the main company is crucial, as it signifies when the innovative lab has successfully fulfilled its purpose.

This realization serves as a prompt for the management to evaluate whether the lab should evolve into a new form or cease operations, ensuring that resources are always aligned with the company’s dynamic innovation goals.

The future of outcome-focused innovation

Reflecting on the legacy of Space10 and its commitment to outcome-focused innovation, it becomes apparent that this approach is paving the way for sustainable progress in large corporations.

It encourages entities to transcend the immediate “sell” and focus on the anticipation of long-term impact and relevance.

By prioritizing outcomes over immediate gains, companies can foster enduring relationships with stakeholders and influence industry standards.

This outlook not only shapes the future of individual corporations but also molds the broader landscape of business innovation.

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