Mondo Minute Spotlight: Interview with Pursuit PR’s Rachel Gerber Kule

Welcome to another episode of the Mondo Minute Leadership series. 

In this insightful interview, Mondo’s Social Media Manager, Melissa Newman chats with Rachel Gerber Kule, Founder and Managing Partner of Pursuit PR, a communications advisory specializing in C-Suite executive eminence. 

Founded in NYC, the firm advises companies globally. In particular, the firm earns and advances corporate reputation for high-growth, change-driven companies in the finance, real estate, media, and tech sectors. 

With more than 15 years of experience, Rachel shares her journey from aspiring news anchor to PR powerhouse, shedding light on the dynamics of effective communication in the corporate world.

Pivoting to PR from broadcast journalism

Rachel’s passion for public speaking and current events led her to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

However, after realizing the need for more human interaction and creativity in her career — which she soon realized the broadcast career trajectory may limit — Rachel decided to pivot to PR. 

“I did study broadcast journalism for the first half of my college career, and then I actually remember standing in the middle of the quad. It was Syracuse, so it was freezing cold. There was no sun, and it was around the millionth time that I had been doing this — carrying this extremely heavy tripod, and…it clicked…that it wasn’t what I thought it would be.

I was looking to engage with people, conduct research, share information, and enjoy public speaking…all that good stuff. But it was more the lack of interaction with people and wanting more creativity.” 

Luckily, Rachel’s expertise as a journalist laid the foundation for her success in PR, where she began to leverage her news writing and broadcasting skills to deliver impactful communication…

Mondo Minute Leadership Series: Public Relations Strategies for the C-Suite with Rachel Gerber Kule

The unique approach of Pursuit PR

Pursuit PR was founded with a personalized, results-oriented approach to PR, focusing on executive-level thought leadership and media strategy. Consequently, Rachel’s team serves as the right hand to C-Suite executives, offering tailored strategies that capture their insights and thought leadership.

“[W]e’re able to balance understanding the nature of being in an executive role and what the expectations are with providing a personable, comfortable place where that executive can be unfiltered so that we can help them be their best.” 

By providing white-glove service and custom strategies, Pursuit PR establishes executives as thought leaders and supports corporate growth into new markets and revenue goals. 

Integration of PR, sales, and marketing

Throughout her time in PR, Rachel learned the importance of integrating PR with sales and marketing efforts, ensuring consistent messaging across all channels.

Rachel explains that she and her team are able to accomplish this by creating a synchronized ecosystem where executives’ insights can be harnessed and targeted to the right audiences. 

“When it comes to media or creating news content, there can be confusion on what is actually newsworthy and what is important, but not a hundred percent relevant to a wide audience. Having that ability to look at the whole media ecosystem of traditional television, radio, print, video, podcasts like we’re doing…there are just so many opportunities now but it can’t be one size fits all, even for the same company or same topic.”

Closing insights

Pursuit PR’s unique blend of seasoned professionalism, adaptable and specialized team members, and focus on tailored communication strategies is what really sets them apart.

Rachel’s insights provide a roadmap for businesses to navigate the complex landscape of communication, ensuring relevance, engagement, and growth.

“[W]e have our core services that companies rely on, especially the C-Suite communications. They love knowing that there is a surgical approach to working at the top executive level and building that bond and trust…

[We] coordinate with sales and marketing if they have different geographies and language barriers. So there is really no limitation there and we’re constantly networking with our friends and colleagues, industry peers, and alumni groups [to get] very creative to put the best team in place.”

Rachel Gerber Kule’s journey and expertise offer invaluable lessons in crafting effective communication strategies for C-Suite executives. 

For the full conversation, and more like it, tune in to the Mondo Minute Leadership Series to gain further insights into the world of public relations, leadership in the corporate sphere, and more.

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