Mondo Unveils New In-Demand Technology Roles

Mondo, the largest national staffing agency specializing exclusively in high-end niche Tech, IT, and Digital Marketing talent, today confirmed the release of its industry-specific salary guide for 2023.

What is the Mondo Salary Guide?

Mondo’s annual salary guide offers expert insights on the latest hiring trends and provides analytical data on income benchmarks that set industry standards.

The anticipated annual salary guide presented by Mondo has become a trusted workforce planning resource.

» Download the Mondo 2023 Tech, Digital Marketing & Creative Salary Guide

What’s in the 2023 Mondo Salary Guide?

  • 2023 Salaries: Comprehensive high & low salary ranges for 100+ jobs across the Tech, Digital Marketing & Creative industries.
  • The Remote Effect: A reported 64% of Workers would consider quitting if asked to return to the office full-time.
  • Flexibility: The demand for schedule and location flexibility isn’t going away next year.
  • Location-Based Expectations: As a result of the remote workforce moving further away, employee salaries will continue to align with the location in major coastal cities like NYC and San Francisco.
  • New Roles: The need for tech and digital-focused experience has increased with supporting data showing emerging new in-demand roles.

How does Mondo calculate salary ranges?

Mondo’s signature two-pronged approach uses an effective combination of proprietary data analyzed from their internal CRM and external market research conducted by experienced talent solution specialists working directly with thousands of candidates each year.

Why are salary guides useful?

Salary guides are an invaluable resource for employers and employees alike. They provide organizations with the intelligence they need to stay competitive in their industry and inform their hiring strategies while helping job seekers understand what their current market value is and how it compares to other job positions.

How Mondo uses the Salary Guide to fill open jobs

The report highlights key factors for current market ranges to inform 2023 hiring and compensation strategies.

With an average fulfillment rate of 2.5x the average placement agency, Mondo’s volume of candidate engagement, maintaining an exclusive network of 1.4 million tech experts, has solidified its in-field specialists as market demand experts.

What are the most in-demand new roles by market for 2023?

Technology roles

  • Analytics Director
  • C# Software Engineer

Digital Marketing roles

  • Marketing Data Scientist
  • Digital Media Analyst

Creative roles

  • Creative Strategy Director
  • Vice President, VP of UX/UI

Highest Paid Jobs by Sector:

Mondo Awards & Accolades

In the years following the first global shutdown, Mondo managed to grow exponentially, earning one of 2022’s “Fastest Growing Firms”, by Staffing Industry Experts, or SIA

Mondo operates with a people-first mindset to navigate through an unprecedented job market. Instead of cutting back, Mondo ramped up to help their clients remain relevant and sustain the great resignation by finding and supplying experienced and dynamic human capital.

Quote from Mondo’s first female President, Stephanie Wernick Barker:

“Year-over-year, with the role of technology increasing, we are witnessing the specificity of skill sets become more granular. In tandem, the need for qualified professionals to operate, regulate, and innovate technology is critical for our clients to be successful. As the market evolves, Mondo’s strategies and direction to find the best fit evolves.” 

Mondo has steadily established its reputation as a trusted and reliable resource for recruitment industry data, making the coveted Forbes Top 200 Best Professional Recruiting Firms in 2022, its last salary guide referenced by mainstream publications such as Wall Street Journal.

The Mondo 2023 Salary Guide is now available

» Download the Mondo 2023 Tech, Digital Marketing & Creative Salary Guide

Mondo is anchored with a local presence in every major tech city, which helps to find the top talent that companies need to scale, grow, and innovate solutions in today’s hybrid and remote landscape.

Looking to hire top-tier Tech, Digital Marketing, or Creative Talent? We can help.

Every year, Mondo helps to fill over 2,000 open positions nationwide.

For a complete breakdown of all our high-end, industry-specific salaries, download our 2023 Salary Guide across Tech, Creative & Digital Marketing.

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