4 Simple Resume Tips to Help You Hire Job Candidates Faster

Open Digital Marketing positions take on average 43 days to fill, while IT positions are even harder with an average time-to-fill rate of 50 days, according to Workable’s latest report.

You can’t wait that long; we get it. You need high-end talent, and you need it now.

Speed up your hiring process without sacrificing the quality of candidates with a simple and straightforward resume test.

4 simple resume review tips

So you’ve posted your available job on the most popular job board sites, like LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed, and you’ve been hit with 300+ resumes in under a week.

If you lack an internal recruiting team for your company, then the hiring process tends to fall on the hiring manager, which means you.

With an already intense workload, reviewing 300+ resumes takes time; time you don’t have.

Here’s a four-part resume test to help speed the hiring process up, save you valuable time, and identify the most qualified applicants to move forward with interviewing.

Look for a professional resume format

First things first, evaluate a candidate’s level of professionalism by the overall presentation and organization of the resume.

Is it organized effectively in a way that invites you to keep reading? Or is it formatted too creatively in a way that is distracting to the reader or makes it difficult to evaluate their experience?

A few seconds spent examining the overall layout of the resume will help eliminate applicants that aren’t the right fit for the role based on their ability to concisely and efficiently speak to their experience and showcase it effectively.

Look for resume keywords

Create a list of keywords that best align with the available position.

Often, this includes skills, certifications, and requirements of the position mentioned on the resume.

Identify the most important keywords for the job that qualified applicants need to have experience with to get the job.

After reviewing the overall presentation of the resume, spend a couple of seconds looking for these keywords.Control/Command F has never served a better function.

If the applicant has all of your top 10 keywords, it’s likely they are qualified for the role and have the experience you’re looking for.

If the keywords aren’t found, then the applicant is a pass.

Look for a results oriented resume

Qualified applicants for Tech and Digital Marketing positions understand the importance of showcasing their impact on the companies they’ve worked for previously.

An easy way to check for this is to look for numbers on a resume. 

Is the applicant able to easily quantify their impact on their previous employer’s business? If not, it’s likely the applicant either lack the experience you’re looking for or is less impactful in their role than what you’re looking for.

Either way, it’s an easy sign that means they’re a pass.

Look for personal brand in a resume

Spending a few seconds looking for signs of an applicant’s personal brand on their resume helps identify which candidates would be the best hire for your work environment and culture.

An applicant’s personal brand can be identified through their style of writing, use of design or graphic elements, or inclusion of a website or portfolio link on the resume. 

While most effective for creative-based roles, this final step in the four-part resume test helps reduce time spent interviewing applicants that turn out to be a poor culture fit and a pass.

Using resumes to hire faster

There are several time-saving strategies for reviewing resumes quickly to hire job candidates faster that include using the four tips above, asking for help from a staffing partner, and casting a wide net to review resumes.

Reviewing resumes quickly

In total, this four-part resume test should take no longer than 15 to 30 seconds max.

Not only will it help you hire for your available role faster by eliminating hundreds of resumes in hours rather than days or weeks, but it also enables a more effective interview portion of the hiring process since it helps reduce the odds of moving forward in the process with a bad culture fit.

Ask for help reviewing resumes

While this four-part resume test will dramatically reduce time spent reviewing resumes, the most effective strategy to shorten your hiring process and guarantee a time-to-fill rate of three to ten days is to partner with a staffing agency like Mondo.

The reason recruiters here at Mondo can promise and deliver time-to-fill rates you can only dream of is that they have access to an exclusive network of thousands of qualified Digital Marketing & Tech professionals and work in teams dedicated solely to your available position.

Cast a wider net to review resumes

This additional manpower enables them to do more in less time than you would be able to.

This focus also enables them to dive deeper into the resumes submitted for the role, as well as resumes sourced from their own professional relationships with talent or job boards.

Recruiters also have more access to passive candidates, or candidates not actively looking for a job but open to making a change for the right opportunity; talent that is almost impossible for employers or hiring managers to reach.

The efficiency and rate of success offered by staffing agencies when it comes to filling your available positions will always be a more reliable, effective source to help you find the right hire for your needs, faster.

Simple resume tips when hiring

If you have upcoming hiring decisions to make for your Tech or Digital Marketing teams and want to guarantee a short, effective hiring process, contact Mondo today.

Our dedicated recruiters will match you with the qualified talent you won’t find anywhere else and work with you to ensure a smooth, successful hiring process.

Looking to hire top-tier Tech, Digital Marketing, or Creative Talent? We can help.

Every year, Mondo helps to fill over 2,000 open positions nationwide.

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