Seasonal Employment: Expert Tips for Hiring for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to hire seasonal employees! 

As we approach the end of 2022, layoffs have been rampant across the country from both big and small companies. 

The tricky part is, there are still deliverables to get over the finish line and a budget to spend to get it there. 

While candidates may not be sure of their next steps in terms of permanent employment, there are plenty that are looking for that band-aid solution to hold them over until headcounts open back up in the new year. 

This unique combination of circumstances makes this holiday season one of the most opportune times for employers to bring on seasonal employees.

What is seasonal employment?

Seasonal employment is simply the act of bringing on consultants for a predetermined period of time during peak seasons of business as sales during the holidays can make up 20-30% of a retailer’s annual sales — opening up the opportunity to manage this insane uptick in business!

Why do companies hire seasonal employees?

In order to handle this spike, many companies will bring on contractors with their remaining budget under the expectation that if they don’t use it, they lose it! 

Why stress out your team during an already crazy time of year if you have the budget to support them?

How to hire seasonal employees for the holidays

Determine your needs through the holidays

The most important thing to keep in mind when bringing on seasonal employees is that transparency is key! 

Be upfront about where the need is coming from and the expected duration of this work. 

Candidates are significantly more likely to adjust their schedules appropriately with your needs if they know exactly what to expect on a contract like this.

Hire contract workers or freelancers for the holidays

The market right now is teeming with candidates who are looking for work immediately to compensate for the loss of income, but very few companies are able to bring on permanent employees at this time. 

People will be grateful for any kind of work that comes across their desks, so don’t be afraid to cast out your lines.

Ask your current employees for contractor referrals

Good people know good people! 

Your employees have a better idea than anyone of what it takes to be successful at their job and are perhaps some of the most qualified people to verify someone else’s experience. 

Take advantage of that and use a trusted connection to get the right people in the seats!

Get in touch with former seasonal contractors you’ve worked with

Chances are this isn’t your first time hiring seasonal talent, so why not start by revisiting talent you’ve engaged with in the past? 

They will hit the ground running much faster than any fresh hire, and time is of the essence for these seasonal needs. Work smarter, not harder!

Spotlight the holiday contract perks and benefits

Contractors make the holidays happen! Whether they are just picking up some extra work to make it through the season or prefer to be career consultants, there is a huge market of people ready to make some extra money. 

So long as you are setting proper expectations, your company can gain the contingent help it needs and consultants will happily join your team for a predetermined period of time. 

You may even find some folks you’ll want to bring on for a more long-term engagement through this process!

Work with a staffing agency to hire seasonal employees

Knowing that these needs are emerging due to a spike in business, you are probably too busy to also perform a search. 

Enter the staffing agency! Not only can a staffing agency find said individuals, but agencies can also take the weight off of a company’s HR by onboarding them onto their payroll. 

Often, agencies will have options to provide the consultants’ health insurance or even negotiate terms so that a company can convert them to FTE with no charge after a certain period of time! 

We are here to help make your lives easier during this crazy time of the year!

Hiring seasonal contract workers for the holidays

At the end of the day — or in this case, the year — you have deliverables, and consultants need money. 

Transparency is key for these sorts of engagements, but everyone can win and new partnerships could be born out of what immediately seems like a temporary need; best case, maybe that fresh set of eyes gives you a new perspective on how things can be done! 

Either way, staffing agencies are ready and willing to help you find the perfect talent for these needs and take care of the groundwork for you!

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