Top Tech Company Hiring Problems IT Companies Will Face

On average, it takes most US companies up to 66 days to hire for an in-demand Tech role.

Add to that that the average turnover rate for Tech businesses has increased to an annual rate of 13.2%, which means every single year you are losing nearly one-fifth of your workforce that you worked hard to attract, hire, and onboard.

We’ve uncovered the four most common Tech hiring problems that your IT company can no longer afford to make if you want to attract and retain the in-demand professionals who can help ensure your business’s continued success through this year and beyond.

The Most Common Tech Hiring Problems

There are many challenges when it comes to hiring tech talent that includes vague job descriptions, not adapting to the job market, and not addressing hiring biases.

  1. Failing to adapt to a candidate-driven market
  2. Overlooking your current workforce
  3. Vague job descriptions
  4. Failing to address hiring bias

1. Failing to adapt to a candidate-driven market causes tech hiring problems

When looking to attract and retain in-demand Tech talent, your IT business must remember that we are currently operating in a candidate-driven market.

If you’re unwilling to adapt to this new market, your business will unintentionally deter candidates from applying for your vacant roles. 

As Michelle Hawkins, Senior Healthcare Recruiting Specialist, and a Team Lead at TalentCare put it, there’s no scarcity of job opportunities to encourage them to participate in a more stringent or lengthy interview process.

To adapt successfully, your hiring team will need to let go of older hiring strategies and think outside of the box. 

2. Overlooking your current workforce causes tech hiring problems

Though we are no longer in the era of lifetime employment a problem many companies create for themselves starts when they choose to hire externally rather than promoting from within.

The Harvard Business Review reports that only 28% of talent acquisition leaders say that internal candidates are an essential source to fill vacancies. 

External candidates will see this as a sign that there are few career growth opportunities at your business, meaning there won’t be room for them to develop their skills, map their career, or take on new opportunities.

By promoting internally and prioritizing career development within your current workforce, you can save on the costs of hiring externally and instead invest in the talent you already have at your disposal. 

3. Vague job descriptions cause tech hiring problems

Your hiring team should view your online job descriptions as a crucial part of the recruitment process. Your job description becomes a hiring problem when they are outdated, vague, discriminatory, and unable to explain the core responsibilities of your open role. 

This problem is two-fold, in the sense that these vague descriptions will net fewer applicants and those that do apply, may not be fit for the role, which will open up the impact of a bad hire.

To avoid these, your hiring team must be clear on the position, its responsibilities, and the skill sets needed to get these tasks done.

Accuracy, honesty, and an authentic company voice will be the best tools for creating a well-written job description. 

4. Failing to address hiring bias causes tech hiring problems

By now, you’ve heard how diversity and inclusivity can positively impact your teams. The stats don’t lie. Diversity is no longer just a good PR move or buzzword you can ignore. 

Hiring biases, even those practiced unconsciously, can decrease productivity, hurt your reputation, and create a stall in revenue generation. 

Learning to address, identify, and avoid hiring biases can help your business diversify your IT teams while also helping you avoid a bad hire.

Avoiding these biases doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be as easy as creating a diverse hiring committee and integrating standardized interviews to help put every candidate on the same playing field, while naturally allowing them to showcase their individual experiences and talents.

Hiring tech talent effectively

Hiring the IT talent your company is looking for shouldn’t feel impossible. Now, you’re equipped with an understanding of the most common Tech hiring problems your business will face and have a few tips you can adopt to overcome them. 

If your hiring team is struggling to attract the IT or Tech talent you need, contact Mondo today. We can match you with experienced, in-demand professionals who have the skills and experiences needed to help you ensure your future success.

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