8 Top-Paid Demand Generation Marketing Roles, Plus Salaries

As businesses rapidly adopt digital marketing strategies, the demand for experts in demand generation roles is skyrocketing.

For those who are looking for a role in demand generation marketing, take some time to explore the various top-paid roles in the field, what each role entails, and the current range of salaries for demand gen professionals so that you can decide if it’s the right move for you.

What are demand generation marketing jobs?

Demand generation marketing encompasses the many strategies and tactics used to build a steady stream of leads that can be nurtured into customers. This includes activities such as email marketing, content creation, SEO, social media management, outbound campaigns, advertising, and more.

Demand gen professionals must have strong knowledge of digital marketing techniques and be able to optimize campaigns for maximum ROI.

They must also be able to analyze data and draw insights that will help inform their decisions and make improvements to their campaigns.

Demand Generation Salaries by Position, Low & High

Brand Manager$100,000$145,000
Brand Designer$90,000$130,000
Email & SMS Automation Specialist$65,000$90,000
Demand Generation Manager$95,000$130,000
Email Developer/Designer$100,000$130,000
Marketing Automation Manager$90,000$170,000
Marketing Coordinator$52,000$85,000
Marketing Manager$105,000$140,000

Top-paid demand generation marketing jobs

Brand Manager Salary

The average salary range for a brand manager is $100,000-$145,000.

Brand managers work to ensure the brand is represented accurately in all marketing activities. They develop and maintain cohesive brand awareness across all channels.

Usually, they’ll focus on creating a consistent message for customers and prospects, as well as developing strategies for improving customer engagement and loyalty.

Brand Designer Salary

The average salary range for a brand designer is $90,000-$130,000.

Brand designers are responsible for the visual elements of a brand. They focus on creating logos, website designs, and other visuals related to the company’s branding.

They must ensure these visuals accurately reflect the brand’s core values and objectives while also considering aesthetics and user experience.

Email & SMS Automation Specialist Salary

The average salary range for an email & SMS automation specialist is $65,000-$90,000.

These specialists are responsible for developing automated email campaigns, SMS campaigns, and other automated messaging platforms.

They must have a strong understanding of best practices and be able to create messages that are optimized for conversion.

Demand Generation Manager Salary

The average salary range for a demand generation manager is $95,000-$130,000.

Demand generation managers lead their teams in developing, launching, and managing digital marketing campaigns.

They must have excellent project management skills and be able to track results to ensure campaigns reach the desired goals.

Email Developer/Designer Salary

The average salary range for an email developer/designer is $100,000-$130,000.

Email developers and designers create visually engaging emails for campaigns.

They must have a strong understanding of coding and design principles to ensure the emails display correctly across all platforms, devices, and browsers.

Marketing Automation Manager (Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot) Salary

The average salary range for a marketing automation manager is $90,000-$170,000.

These professionals are responsible for integrating marketing automation tools into digital marketing campaigns.

They must have a detailed understanding of the various systems, platforms, and tools available in order to be able to utilize them effectively.

Marketing Coordinator Salary

The average salary range for a marketing coordinator is $52,000-$85,000.

Marketing coordinators help manage daily marketing operations. They might be tasked with creating content, managing campaigns, tracking data, and more.

They must possess strong organizational skills to ensure all tasks are completed on time and correctly.

Marketing Manager Salary

The average salary range for a marketing manager salary is $105,000-$140,000.

Marketing managers oversee the entire marketing department, from strategy to execution.

They must have a thorough understanding of all aspects of digital marketing in order to direct activities effectively and ensure goals are met.

The future of demand generation marketing jobs

In conclusion, demand generation jobs are in high demand and offer salaries that can be quite lucrative for those who have taken the time to develop the right skill sets.

As digital marketing continues to evolve, these professionals will become increasingly important in helping businesses reach their goals.

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