4 Proven Strategies to Attract Top Tech Talent

If you leave work each day stressing over why you can’t find the Tech talent your business needs or whether to risk it and just hire the less-than-ideal candidate you were able to find, you’re not alone.

According to a survey of hiring decision-makers by Indeed, 86% of respondents find it challenging to find and hire Tech talent and 56% of respondents have hired Tech talent despite the candidates not meeting the job description requirements.

It’s time to stop settling and get proactive on how to improve your Tech hiring strategy.

Why can’t you find the tech talent you need?

The Great Resignation / Forever Resignation

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have left their jobs at historical rates — with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that 4.5 million Americans quit their job in March of 2022.

If this industry trend has taught us anything, it’s that the the US workforce don’t need to settle for less.

With the Great Resignation in full swing, we have seen an increased demand for tech talent and not enough tech professionals to fill these empty roles. Candidates are at an advantage and have the bargaining power they need to hold out for the roles they really want.

Some journalists have even begun referring to this job market trend as the “Forever Resignation” — as evidence may suggest these resignation levels are here to stay.

Given this shift of supply and demand, employers must now quickly adapt and understand this new landscape where employees have more power and flexibility than ever before.

How to attract top tech candidates & talent:

1. Provide ongoing tech training and education for your tech talent

The catch-22 for job-seekers is that you can’t get a job until you’ve had that job (or a similar one) previously — and for employers hiring Tech talent, it can be extremely difficult to find talent that has held the exact title you are looking to hire for.

However, that shouldn’t be an immediate deterrent.

The reason certain regions in Europe experience surprisingly low unemployment rates and minimal skill gaps is due to their comprehensive apprenticeship programs and similar training programs.

While the integration of their programs on a national scale is not possible stateside, you can create and implement enhanced training programs at your business and enable internal talent to develop the more technical skills you’re looking for.

You can also onboard more entry-level candidates or candidates lacking one or two of the skills you’re hiring for and implement training programs to get them to the level of technical expertise needed.

2. Improve tech hiring strategies to attract tech talent

A likely culprit for why it’s so hard to find Tech talent could be your hiring process.

As is often the case, there tend to be extraneous steps in the hiring process for Tech roles resulting in unnecessary red tape and the approval of various upper-level execs before a decision can be made.

We’ve seen highly qualified candidates accept another offer due to a lengthy, inefficient hiring process with the initial employer that left them waiting weeks to hear feedback on an interview and whether an offer would be made.

Minimize the amount of red tape involved in a hiring decision by restricting the individuals involved in interviewing and leaving the final call to those that understand the role as well as the technology, solutions, and tools the candidate will work in.

Reduce the amount of time between when a candidate interviews and when they hear back to ensure you don’t lose out on your top choice to a competitor with a more efficient hiring process.

3. Offer more competitive average tech salaries

When it comes to hiring the top Tech talent, you need to budget for the competitive salary ranges found in the marketplace today.

Continuously posting a high-end role, yet expecting candidates to accept a low-range salary for it will result in a waste of time and resources for both your hiring department and the candidates interviewing.

Given how in-demand specific Tech roles are, qualified talent knows the value they bring to companies and expect to be paid a salary that matches that value.

If you lowball prospective talent, they won’t waste time trying to negotiate a much higher rate. They will find another employer willing to pay them a salary that matches their in-demand skill set.

Before you begin interviewing Tech talent, do the necessary market research using tools like our 2022 Salary guide on the latest salary data of the Tech role to offer a realistic salary that will attract top Tech talent or, if necessary, educate business execs on why a budget expansion is crucial to net skilled talent for their Tech-related needs.

4. Partner with a staffing agency to hire top tech talent

What we’ve found time and time again is that the best Tech talent out there is passive talent — meaning they aren’t actively seeking out job opportunities.

The problem with this talent is that it’s often hidden. You won’t find these skilled Tech professionals on job boards, and you might not even be able to find them on popular networking sites like LinkedIn.

Instead, this talent is discovered through exclusive networks, relationships, and tech-driven hiring tools only accessible to major staffing agencies.

Agencies, like Mondo, have spent decades building relationships with top Tech experts in the field and are more adequately suited to discover passive candidates that would consider a job change if the right one comes along, but rarely if ever seek out opportunities.

If you continue to struggle to find Tech talent for the roles you need to fill, consider outsourcing the challenge to a professional and benefit from an effective, immediate hiring process that will provide you with otherwise inaccessible Tech talent.

While hiring for Tech roles is challenging, it shouldn’t feel impossible to find Tech talent for your business. Stop settling for low-quality hires and paying the price of a bad hire later on. Instead, take a moment to evaluate your current hiring processes and look to see where improvements can be made.

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