6 Emerging Technology Trends in the Fashion Industry

Technology is constantly evolving, and the fashion industry is no exception. In fact, technology is playing an increasingly important role in the fashion world.

These technologies are changing the way clothing is designed, produced, marketed and distributed.

Here are 6 emerging technology trends in the fashion industry that you should keep an eye on.

1. Artificial intelligence in fashion

Artificial intelligence in fashion is also starting to make its mark.

AI is being used to create predictive analytics that can help fashion brands forecast trends. It’s also being used to create digital personal assistants that can help consumers with their shopping such as recommending clothes based on their personal style.

It can also be leveraged to create custom-made clothes that are made to order and track the customer journey to provide them with a more customized shopping experience.

2. Mobile commerce in fashion

It’s no longer enough to allow customers to shop from the comfort of their homes. These days shoppers want to shop where they want, when they want to, on whatever wifi network they can access.

Don’t believe us? Look at the numbers:

  • According to Statista, mobile commerce accounts for 46% of all ecommerce revenue.
  • Global consumer retail spending via mobile chatbots is expected to reach $142 billion by 2024 – up from $2.8 billion in 2019.

Whether it’s making a last-minute purchase, ordering an item online that was out of stock at the physical store, seeking out a better price point, or simply shopping while bored waiting for the subway — mobile purchasing is here to stay. 

Retailers must get on board with user-friendly, responsive mobile shopping experiences, or lose customers to their more tech-savvy competitors.

3. Virtual and augmented reality (VR) in fashion

Virtual reality is one of the most talked-about technologies in the fashion industry right now as it allows designers to create virtual showrooms and runway shows, giving consumers a realistic experience of the clothes without having to actually see them in person.

This technology is also being used to create virtual fitting rooms so that consumers can try on clothes without having to step into a store.

In addition to VR, augmented reality is another technology that is starting to make its way into the fashion industry, allowing users to see digital images superimposed over the real world.

This technology can be used in a number of ways in the fashion industry, including allowing consumers to see how clothes look on them before they buy them, or helping designers to create virtual prototypes of their designs.

4. Fashionable activity trackers

By now we’re all aware of activity trackers like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Whoop, and Oura Rings that monitor, calorie burn, athletic activities, and sleep cycles.

With price points now as low as $30 for some lesser-known fitness tracker brands, these pieces have become extremely commonplace amongst active — and aspiring to be active — adults.

In the last couple of years, activity trackers have moved further into the fashion industry, with designers pairing up with tech companies to offer more stylish alternatives to the often bulky look of certain fitness trackers.

The Misfit Shine got a glittering makeover from Swarovski, including the added feature of solar power from the light refracted by the crystal while Fitbit partnered with Tory Burch to give the Fitbit Flex a high-end new leather accessory.

Now independent companies are sweeping in to steal a piece of the pie. The Bellabeat LEAFMira Tracker Bracelet, and CUFF line can all easily pass as regular jewelry items, all while doing the work of their more mainstream, less-stylish competitors.

5. Influencer marketing in fashion

Digital Marketers in the fashion industry know just how important social media has become in creating a successful brand.

While influencer marketing in fashion is nothing new, technology is starting to play a bigger role in this area as well.

Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube are being used by fashion brands to reach out to influencers with large followings. These influencers can then promote the brand’s products to their followers.

And with platforms like Instagram spotlighting major fashion events like “The Best of Fashion Week” with Instagram-curated selections of #NYFW images, consumers can get real-time, behind-the-scenes access to emerging fashion trends.

6. Wearable technology in fashion

There’s a huge market for wearable technology beyond fitness trackers that’s really revving up. We all know about Apple’s watch and smart glasses, but there’s so much more out there.

Here are three companies doing incredible things in cutting-edge wearable tech:

Tech T-shirts

CuteCircuit, a wearables company out of England, creates incredible clothing and accessories with a wide array of special features. 

The Hug Shirt has “sensors that feel the strength, duration, and location of the touch, the skin warmth and the heartbeat rate of the sender and actuators that recreate the sensation of touch, warmth, and emotion of the hug to the Hug Shirt™ of the distant loved one.” 

Wearable solar power

Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen combines fashion and technology in her Wearable Solar line.

To do this, “a cloth is augmented with solar cells…[to] embody enough electrical power to become a real source of energy.”

The charged garments are then able to power any USB-compatible, portable device for the woman on the go!

Technology in athletic wear

Wearable technology has always been especially popular in the athletics industry, where users are constantly seeking the most accurate insights into their performance. NuMetrex has capitalized on this, starting out with a heart rate monitoring sports bra.

Nearly 10 years later, the company has been acquired by Adidas, and now offers an entire line of monitor-equipped apparel.

Their success comes from the ability to give instant data on their performance, as well as a comfortable, quick-drying garment to support their workouts.

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There are many emerging technology trends in the fashion industry that are worth keeping an eye on. 

Not only will these technologies change the way the fashion industry operates in the years to come, but the fashion industry at large also will no doubt begin to employ more and more tech professionals to keep up with the rising demands of these evolving technology trends in the fashion industry.

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