What To Do When You Have an Urgent Hiring Need

Have an urgent hiring need for high-end Tech or Digital Marketing talent?

You’re not alone.

Highly specialized talent is hard enough to hire for but even harder to hold onto considering the aggressive poaching that occurs between leading companies and the fact that millennials tend to follow the best opportunity available to them, leading to reduced retention rates for businesses across industries.

This is why managers like yourself suddenly are back in the stressful position of filling another challenging and unexpected vacancy.

Each day that passes with the role left vacant costs time and money that fast-moving, innovative departments simply don’t have.

Before you rush into hiring the first candidate that checks a few of your requirement boxes, consider the following strategies on what to do when you have an urgent hiring need instead.

Trust us; you’ll be happy you did.

Urgent Hiring Need Solutions

There are several strategies and solutions you can implement to fill open positions you urgently need talent for like tapping your various personal and professional networks, hiring freelancers to fill the need in the short term, or working with a staffing agency to outsource the process altogether.

Tap your networks to fill jobs quickly 

The time to call in that favor from your professional connections is when you’re facing an urgent hiring need for specialized and in-demand Tech or Digital Marketing talent.

Before you look to the overly saturated job posting sites for your available role, reach out to everyone and anyone in your network that might have the connection to the (likely passive) talent you’re looking to entice.

Your acquaintances and professional connections will be more likely to provide you with the hard-to-find talent you’re looking for and candidates sourced through this method are often more open to accepting the role since it was recommended to them by someone they trust in their network that is familiar with their skill set.

Hire a freelancer to close the skills gap

If your professional networks are unable to provide you with the qualified candidates you need, consider offsetting the sudden skills gap on your team temporarily by hiring contract or freelance talent instead of looking for an immediate full-time fix.

The last thing you want to do is onboard what turns out to be a bad full-time hire and have to redo the process later on.

Hiring for short-term contract talent for a sudden, urgent hiring need offers a variety of benefits, including reducing the urgency of the full-time role you’re looking to hire for which also minimizes the risk of making the wrong hire.

You may find that the contract talent you hire as a short-term solution to the urgent hiring need could transition to become the right full-time hire you were after.

Limit the interview process to fill jobs quickly

Today, the hiring and interview process takes longer than ever, and a long process can result in your team losing out on a top candidate that is offered another opportunity in the time it takes for you to make a final decision.

However, there are ways to mitigate this risk. Consider various strategies on how to shorten the Tech hiring process.

One option is accomplishing all the necessary interviews within 1 to 2 days.

Do this by identifying the top 2 to 3 candidates and establishing a set interview schedule with time allotted for all the decision-makers involved in the process to get face time with the candidates within the same day, if possible.

By limiting the number of times you’ll need to call in-demand talent back for yet another interview, you’ll be able to move on to the final testing phase and fill your urgent hiring need faster without losing out on your top options to competitors.

Outsource the hiring process to hire quickly

When it comes to filling your urgent hiring need successfully, there are a few options that provide you with the results that an external staffing agency can.

Instead of wasting valuable time attempting to identify and recruit talent that is often not easily accessible, leave it to the experts like those here at Mondo.

Our dedicated recruiters have spent years developing relationships with the passive talent found in our exclusive network and are specially equipped to solve your most challenging hiring needs as soon as they arise.

Filling open positions quickly

With an average placement rate of 3 to 5 days for contract roles and 8 to 10 days for full-time roles, we provide rapid turnaround for your most urgent high-end talent need.

If you experience a sudden talent or skills gap on your Tech or Digital Marketing teams, contact Mondo today.

We’ll provide you with the highly qualified experts you need ASAP so your ongoing campaigns, projects, and tasks remain on track to deadline and aren’t derailed by a lengthy hiring process for an unexpected need.

Looking to hire top-tier Tech, Digital Marketing, or Creative Talent? We can help.

Every year, Mondo helps to fill over 2,000 open positions nationwide.

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