How to Hire the Right Tech Migration Team for Google, SAP & Oracle

As organizations move to more modern solutions such as Google, SAP/Oracle, and other technologies, it is essential to have the right candidates onboard in order to ensure a successful migration.

From knowledgeable system admins and engineers to experienced project managers, finding the right people with the skills and expertise needed can be critical for any tech migration.

Learn why hiring the right people is important and how to go about identifying the ideal candidates for your migration to Google, SAP, or Oracle.

What is a Tech migration?

A tech migration is a process of moving from an older technology or platform to a newer, more efficient, and modern platform.

It can include any number of tasks such as software installation, hardware upgrades, database migrations, system integration, and more.

While it can be time-consuming and complex, a successful tech migration requires the right people and processes to ensure that the change is successful.

Tech migration candidate requirements

There are a number of different tech candidate requirements that will help make your tech migration successful that include experience in Google migration, SAP migration, and Oracle migration.

Google migration candidate requirements

Some of the requirements for a Google migration are technical expertise, the ability to configure and manage Google systems, experience with administrative console tools like Cloud Shell and Cloud SDK, as well as an understanding of security best practices.

It is also important to have a working knowledge of APIs and other integration requirements for G Suite products such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Files, Drive, and more.

SAP migration candidate requirements

For a successful SAP migration, you will need candidates with experience and knowledge in areas such as server administration, network and security protocols, database design and maintenance, application configuration and deployment, system integration, and more.

They should also have an understanding of the various enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions available from the vendor as well as the ability to configure and manage them.

Oracle migration candidate requirements

For an Oracle migration, you need candidates who are experienced in database design and maintenance, server administration, network security protocols, application configuration, and deployment, system integration, and more.

They should also have a working knowledge of the various Oracle products such as Oracle Database, WebLogic Server, and Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Types of roles to hire for a tech migration

There are several different tech roles to hire or leverage to make your tech migration seamless that include system administrators, engineers, and project managers.

System Administrators

System administrators are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a computer system and its associated software.

They are typically responsible for configuring, maintaining, troubleshooting, and improving IT systems in order to ensure that they are running optimally.

For successful tech migration projects, you will need experienced system administrators who have a working knowledge of the technologies being migrated to.


Engineers are responsible for designing and implementing solutions that meet a user’s needs.

For tech migration projects, you will need engineers who possess the technical expertise necessary to develop and execute plans for migrating data, applications, and hardware components from one system to another.

Project Managers

Project managers are responsible for planning, overseeing, and managing the successful completion of a tech migration project.

For a successful migration, you need experienced project managers who have the skills required to develop plans, coordinate resources and personnel, monitor progress, troubleshoot issues, and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

How to hire the right tech migration candidates

There are a few things to consider when preparing to hire the right tech migration candidates like defining your tech migration requirements, researching tech salary ranges, identifying tech candidate resources, interviewing, and making an offer to candidates.

Define your tech migration requirements

Before you start the hiring process, take some time to define your exact requirements for the project.

This will help you identify the type of skills and experiences that are necessary for the tech migration, as well as any specialized knowledge or certifications that may be needed.

Research tech salary ranges for different roles

Once you have identified the roles and skills needed, it’s important to research the salary ranges for those roles in your local market with resources like this comprehensive annual salary guide.

This will help you determine a competitive salary offer that will attract qualified candidates.

Identify the right tech candidate sources

Once you have identified your requirements, it is important to source the right candidates from the most appropriate channels.

This may include job boards, recruitment agencies, online forums, professional networks, or other platforms that specialize in tech migration roles.

Interview tech candidates

Once you have a shortlist of potential candidates, the next step is to interview them in order to determine which ones are the best fit for your project.

Be sure to ask detailed questions about their experience with tech migrations and other related disciplines, as well as any relevant certifications or qualifications they may have.

Make an offer to your tech candidate

Once you have identified the right candidate, it is time to make an offer.

Be sure to consider their salary expectations and any additional benefits that you can offer in order to ensure long-term staff retention.

Hiring the right tech migration candidates

Hiring the right tech migration team is essential for any successful project.

It requires a combination of technical expertise, experience with specific technologies such as Google, SAP, and Oracle products, and strong leadership skills to ensure that the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

With careful research into salary ranges and an eye on qualifications or certifications related to your particular needs for the job, you can assemble a team of highly qualified professionals who will be able to successfully migrate data, applications, and hardware components in order to get your business transitioned smoothly and quickly.

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