Prevent Cyberattacks: Cybersecurity Roles to Hire

Companies interested in incorporating emerging Tech such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and even 5G will need to enhance their cybersecurity first to avoid falling prey to cyberattacks targeting these innovations.

It’s clear that cybercriminals will continue to threaten businesses, with reports of nine major security breaches already this year.

If your business is looking to remain competitive, you must be aware and prepared to mitigate any cyberattacks you may face this year.

What is a cyberattack?

A cyberattack is a malicious attempt to disrupt the normal functioning of a computer or network. Cyberattacks can range from simple nuisance attacks to highly sophisticated attempts to gain access to sensitive data or financial resources.

Cyberattacks can have devastating consequences for companies, including stolen data, damaged reputations, and financial loss.

Cybersecurity roles to prevent cyberattacks

It’s important you learn how to protect your business by uncovering the security roles with the skill sets needed to help mitigate these cyberattacks like security engineers, business analysts, and cryptographers.

Security Engineer

You’ll need to boost your company’s cybersecurity protection in order to avoid these catastrophic hacks and breaches.

One way to do this is to hire a Security Engineer. Your business’s Security Engineer will be your go-to for data protection.

With their intensive knowledge of back-end infrastructures and various cyberattacks, these professionals will help you avoid and mitigate, both breaches and hacks.

Business Analyst

Simply put, BAs are the bridge between the company and its data.

With your data always in mind, these middlemen can help you create a culture that knows how to properly use and store information while ensuring assessments and investments help prevent potential cybercrimes.


These cybersecurity professionals will be able to help you protect your valuables from common cyberattacks because they have the expertise to create and deploy algorithms that decode cryptic messages and coding systems.

These systems are needed to uncover phishing attacks, ransomware, and infrastructure-crippling cryptojacking.

Types of cyberattacks & data breaches to look out for

To help you stay vigilant and proactive, here are a few cyberattacks your company will need to know how to defend against like ransomware, phishing attempts, and 5g vulnerabilities.

Ransomware cyberattacks

Ransomware attacks are malicious cyberattacks that involve the installation of malicious software on a computer or network.

The ransomware encrypts data and then demands payment in order for the user to regain access to it. In some cases, attackers will threaten to publish sensitive information if their ransom demand is not met.

Recently, it was revealed that an Arizona-based company was hit by two types of ransomware.

iEncrypt locked down the company’s email server, leaving them unable to process customer orders, while the other, Dredex opened the door for other breaches to have easy access to the company’s records.

It’s reported that this business lost close to $1 million in sales and spent more to implement and install new servers and systems.

Phishing cyberattacks

According to the FBI’s recent analysis, companies lost nearly $1.6 billion due to phishing attacks.

Clearly, phishing is a very real financial threat to your bottom line and it’s one of the most effective cyberattacks because it only needs to compromise one account to gain access to an organization’s entire database discreetly.

Your company will need to find the Tech talent who can enhance your online security, by overseeing company-wide training and infrastructure interactions, while also protecting your online records.

5G vulnerability cyberattacks

5G tech gained popularity before it was even launched, and with its promised speed it’s set to completely disrupt the way your business communicates.

With that said, this will open up new and old channels for hackers to gain access to your systems and data. Industry experts predict that hackers will attack one of the nation’s many wireless carriers, potentially uncovering countless files of personal and business data.

Prevent cyberattacks with cybersecurity talent

All three of these cybersecurity roles can guarantee your business has the tools to create successful security protocols, protect your assets effectively, and keep employees up-to-date on the best practices to help your company avoid becoming a victim of potential cyberattacks.

Hoping that these security breaches will end or be mitigated before they can harm your company won’t protect your business’s data, infrastructure, or brand.

It’s clear that these harmful hacks and breaches show no signs of stopping, so now is the time to secure talent to help defend your assets against these cyberattacks.

If you’re looking to hire high-end, niche security professionals, contact Mondo today. Our recruiters can match you with experienced Cryptographers and Business Analysts who can assist your business today.

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