Top Paid Business Applications Development Jobs Plus Salaries

It’s no secret that business application development is a booming industry with plenty of potential for job seekers with the right skills and qualifications.

With an ever-growing demand for specialized software, the need for talented developers to create cutting-edge applications has only increased.

For those looking for a job in this field or for those who need to hire these specialized professionals, it pays to know what business applications development entails, some of the most popular jobs available in this field, and the average salaries for each role.

What is business application development?

Business application development is the creation of applications for businesses that process and manage their data, tasks, and resources.

It covers a wide range of activities such as software development, web development, user experience (UX) design, database programming, database administration, system analysis, and more.

Business application developers work with experienced business managers to create systems that integrate into existing organizational processes and optimize their efficiency.

Business Application Development Salaries by Position, Low & High

Application Architect$140,000$250,000
Application Developer$130,000$177,000
Business Application Support Manager$120,000$180,000
MS Dynamics Developer$128,000$205,000
Mulesoft Developer$144,000$200,000
PeopleSoft Administrator/Developer$100,000$190,000
SAP Developer/ABAP$140,000$200,000
Sharepoint Developer$110,000$150,000
Solutions Developer$80,000$194,000
Solutions Architect$150,000$225,000

Top-paid business application development jobs

Application Architect Salary

The average salary range for an application architect is $140,000-$250,000.

An application architect is a highly specialized and experienced software engineer who specializes in designing complex applications. They are responsible for understanding the needs of a business and using their technical expertise to ensure an efficient design that meets those requirements.

Application Developer Salary

The average salary range for an application developer is $130,000-$177,000.

Application developers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining software applications. They work closely with business stakeholders to create tailored solutions that meet the needs of an organization.

Business Application Support Manager Salary

The average salary range for a business application support manager is $120,000-$180,000.

Business application support managers are responsible for the oversight and maintenance of a company’s software systems. Their role involves determining how best to use existing systems or develop new ones to meet the changing needs of the business.

MS Dynamics Developer Salary

The average salary range for MS dynamics developer is $128,000-$205,000.

MS Dynamics developers create software solutions for businesses using Microsoft’s Dynamics platform. They are responsible for building tailored solutions that integrate with existing systems and workflows, and optimizing user experience.

Mulesoft Developer Salary

The average salary range for a Mulesoft developer is $144,000-$200,000.

Mulesoft developers specialize in developing applications built on Mulesoft’s Anypoint platform. They are responsible for integrating data from disparate sources into a single system in order to improve efficiency and performance.

PeopleSoft Administrator/Developer Salary

The average salary range for a PeopleSoft administrator/developer is $100,000-$190,000.

PeopleSoft administrators and developers work with the Oracle-owned PeopleSoft application suite. They are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining software solutions that integrate smoothly with existing systems.

SAP Developer/ABAP Salary

The average salary range for an SAP developer/ABAP is $140,000-$200,000.

SAP developers specialize in building software solutions that leverage the SAP platform. They use ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) to develop tailored applications and solutions that meet the unique needs of a business.

Sharepoint Developer Salary

The average salary range for a Sharepoint developer is $110,000-$150,000.

Sharepoint developers specialize in developing software for Microsoft’s Sharepoint platform. They are responsible for designing and building solutions that integrate with existing systems and optimize user experience.

Solutions Developer Salary

The average salary range for a solutions developer $80,000-$194,000.

Solutions developers are responsible for creating efficient software solutions that meet the needs of a given business. They analyze customer requirements to design custom applications that streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

Solutions Architect Salary

The average salary range for a solutions architect is $150,000-$225,000.

Solutions architects bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions. They are responsible for understanding customer requirements and creating architectures that leverage existing technologies to create tailored software solutions.

The future of business application development jobs

As new technologies and products emerge, businesses will require experienced professionals to help them integrate those systems into existing processes.

This demand for experts in business application development is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Job seekers who understand how to leverage these technologies and have a good understanding of business needs are well-positioned to benefit from this growing field.

With the right training and experience, you can capitalize on this field and position yourself for a lucrative career in business application development.

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